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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Release Date: You’ve Been Waiting For Is Here!


Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Release Date: Teenage Mercenary, which is also called Mercenary Enrollment, is a well-known web novel by Rakyeon. It tells the story of Ijin Yu, who became a child mercenary after his parents died in a plane crash when he was eight years old.

After ten years, Ijin went back to Korea and now has to deal with the challenges of high school while keeping his survival skills. In the last chapter, Ijin points a gun at Gilbert and says that he is a traitor to the Boray family. At the same time, people from the Forest group are getting closer.

We will talk about Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Release Date, Spoilers, and much more. Scroll down and read the full article.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Release Date!

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 will Release on April 15 or 16 2023. But this is not an official release date. But we can make a good guess based on how the previous chapters were released.

The last chapter came out on April 9, 2023. Usually, a new chapter comes out every week. So, we can assume that chapter 132 will come out around April 15, 2023. But this is just a guess, and the real release date may be different.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 131 Recap!

In Chapter 131 of Mercenary Enlistment, Ijin showed that the bodyguard Sophia had hired was the traitor who had sold them out. Sophia was surprised to hear this because the same guard had been protecting them for three years. She was about to lose her mind because of this, and Ijin showed her what to do.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Release Date

She remembered that sign because the man who had saved all those years used the same one. It not only set the stage for what will happen in the next chapters, but it also helped her calm down and get her bearings. And when the time was right, she ran away to a safe place, as her rescuer had told her to do.

Ijin soon comes after them to figure out what they will do next and see what he can use to his advantage in the area. Sophia couldn’t help but ask who he was and if he was the one who had saved her all those years ago. Ijin’s answer was the same as it had been many years ago: survival is the most important thing.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Spoilers!

In Chapter 132 of Mercenary Enrollment, the mercenary working for the kidnapper and Ijin will fight in a bloody battle.

Ijin might have a hard time here because he hasn’t killed anyone since he moved back in with his family. Also, the knife his attacker gave him hurt his shoulder, so he has to use a weapon as well.

But Ijin can only fight with his hands, so he will have to do with those. He could stop his enemies and take the knife from one of them by using his shirt as a weapon. But that’s not why we’re fighting. He needs to win without hurting anyone.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Release Date

Sophia and her brother will stay away from the fight to keep themselves safe. When they see the former mercenary fight for his life, they will be amazed, but for Sophia, it will show that Ijin was really Jin. That will make her wonder why he didn’t tell her, but that won’t happen until after the fight. You may also like Payback.

Where to Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 132 Online?

The Korean language version of Mercenary Enrollment is available on the official website of Naver Comic.

The web novel can be read by English speakers by going to the official website for LINE Webtoon and clicking on the link there.

The original webbook has also been turned into a manga series, and that series is now available to read online at a variety of websites.

To read more future updates regarding Mercenary Enrollment, stay tuned with Crossover99.

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