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Payback Chapter 57 Release Date: What Surprises Will This Chapter Bring?


Payback Chapter 57 Release Date: Fujoking’s popular action-thriller manga series Payback is illustrated and written by Fujoking. Bomtoon publishes the book. Due to its well-executed storyline and action-packed sequences, the manga has garnered immense popularity worldwide.

The release of Payback Chapter 57 has been avidly anticipated by fans following the thrilling events of the previous chapter. This article will discuss the release date, predictions, and spoilers for Chapter 57 of Payback.

Payback Chapter 57 Release Date!

The date that Payback Chapter 57 will be made available to the public has been declared publicly. It is anticipated that the chapter will be made available on Sunday, April 20, 2023.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the release date may shift slightly depending on the time zone and location of the reader. You may now read Payback in the Korean language on the Bomtoon website, where it has been officially released.

On the other hand, there are a great number of alternative platforms available where you can read it. But, we strongly recommend that you read Payback on the official website.

You are able to translate the page into English as well as Korean. In addition, you have the option of reading Payback in English, which is published by Lezin Comic and can be found on Mangakakalot.

Do you know what is payback all about? What is the storyline? Take a glimpse here. When other students were getting ready to take the CSAT, Lee Yoohan was getting swept up in an exciting lifestyle of crime and debauchery.

Payback Chapter 57 Release Date

During this time, other students were preparing to take the CSAT. Karma comes up with him while he is working for a loan shark, and a family member is killed as a result of an act of vengeance committed against him.

After a number of years spent turning his life around and seeking forgiveness for his past transgressions, he eventually crosses across with a man working in the entertainment sector who provides him with the opportunity to exact his vengeance.

Do you know what happens in the previous season? Let’s find out here! Kang Haneul encounters Lee Jihyun, a famous actress who also uses Payback, in chapter 56. She offers him a part in her forthcoming film adaptation of her own novel.

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She informs him that the novel is actually her revenge plot against her cheating ex-husband, who destroyed her career. She wishes Haneul to portray her ex-husband in the film and endure the same fate as he did.

Haneul accepts the role but is suspicious of Jihyun’s intentions and motives. He wonders if she is manipulating him and the other actors with Payback. In addition, he observes that Jihyun has a scar on her neck, which reminds him of the scar he received during his suicide attempt.

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