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Where Is Drew Peterson Now? Find Out All About His Murder Case


Drew Walter Peterson is an American convicted murderer and a former policeman. Drew Peterson was found guilty of the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio in 2012.

The couple married in married in 2007, and Drew Peterson also began making headlines when his fourth wife Stacy Ann Cales Peterson went missing. Here is everything you need to know about Drew Peterson and where he is now.

Drew Peterson Early Life

Drew Peterson graduated from Willowbrook High School in Villa Park, Illinois. Drew Peterson ran across the country and joined the United States Army after graduation and attended the College of Dupage before he moved to Falls Church to train as a military police officer.
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He started his career as a military police officer. He started with the local police in Bolingbrook a suburb of Chicago in 1977. He was later assigned to the Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad and in 1979 he received a Police Officer of the Year Award from his department.

Drew Peterson retired in November 2006 after serving for 30 years. He attained the rank of sergeant and was given a $ 79,000-a-year pension. However, his pension was terminated following his conviction in May 2016.

Drew Peterson’s Conviction For The Murder Of Kathleen Savio

Where is drew Peterson now

Kathleen Savio’s death was said to be accidental and she died of drowning. However, in 2009 when Stacey Ann disappeared Drew Peterson was indicted for Kathleen Savio’s murder after a second autopsy was conducted on her.
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The result of the autopsy showed evidence of a struggle before dying.

Drew Peterson was convicted and he was sentenced to 38 years in prison on February 21, 2013. Drew Peterson was also charged with two additional charges solicitation of murder and solicitation of murder for hire for attempting to have James Glasgow who is the state attorney handling his prosecution.

Where is drew Peterson now

Drew Peterson was again convicted and sentenced to an additional 40 years imprisonment on February 21, 2017. Drew Peterson was also transferred from the Illinois Department of Corrections custody to the United States Penitentiary which is located in Terre Haute Indiana. He was then transferred to an undisclosed facility in December 2019.

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Stacey Ann Disappearance And Investigations

Where is drew Peterson now

The Illinois State Police alongside the FBI followed multiple leads in the investigation of Stacey Ann’s disappearance. They were issued four search warrants on Drew Peterson’s apartment following her disappearance. Drew Peterson’s firearms and Stacey Ann’s cars were also collected from him.

Drew Peterson’s best friend Rick Mims revealed that he and Drew bought three blue plastic bags from a cable company where they both have been working. The two worked part-time jobs in 2003. He also showed photos of the containers to the police. Rick disclosed his sort to the tabloid newspaper.

Where is drew Peterson now

Thomas Morphey is the stepbrother of Drew Peterson and he is known to be addicted to hard drugs and addicted alcohol. It was reported he tried to commit suicide twice after he was alleged to help Drew Peterson carry a plastic bag to his SUV.
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He was afraid that he had helped Drew get rid of Stacey’s body as neighbors disclosed Drew and somebody was hauling a 55-gallon barrel that was large enough to hold a person. Cassandra Cales Stacey’s sister said she wanted Drew to take a lie-detector test about his knowledge of a blue container that she revealed that she saw.

Where is drew Peterson now

However, Joel Brodsky Drew’s attorney debunked that any container was missing from Peterson’s home. There were also suggestions that truckers referring to the container, but their stories were treated as not credible. It was later discovered that they had not been in the area at the time they claimed.

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Where Is Drew Peterson Now?

Where is drew Peterson now

Drew Peterson is Currently serving a jail term for murder. Drew Peterson was convicted of the murder of Kathleen Savio and he is currently in an undisclosed location. Drew Peterson is also of interest in his fourth wife’s disappearance and he is still under investigation.

Stacey Ann’s disappearance reignited the investigation surrounding the death of Kathleen Savio. Her body was initially found in a dry bathtub and her cause of death was initially thought to be drowning.

Drew Peterson’s Past Relationships And Marriages

Where is drew Peterson now

Drew Peterson was first linked to Carol Brown when they were still in high school and the two attended his senior prom together. The couple got married in 1974, but they divorced six years later after she revealed Drew was cheating on her. The couple has two sons together, Stephen Paul and Eric Drew Peterson.

Drew Peterson took a second wife Victoria Connolly also known as Vicki in 1982. The pair ran a bar together. The couple also got divorced after Vicky reported a series of domestic violence. The couple was married for 10 years before their separation.

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