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Get Hyped: Manager Kim Chapter 82 Release Date Just Revealed!


Manager Kim Chapter 82 Release Date: Manager Kim went popular online and got a lot of fans all over the world. The violent and action-packed military manhwa keeps readers on their toes as they excitedly wait for the plot to get more complicated.

If you are one of the anxious fans who want to know what’s going on with the next part of “Manager Kim,” you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about what we know so far about the next part.

“Manager Kim” is a popular Korean webtoon story. Are you a fan? If so, you might be very excited for chapter 82 to come out. In this piece, we’ll talk about the details of when this highly anticipated Manager Kim Chapter 82 Release Date will come out.

Manager Kim Chapter 82 Release Date: When Will Be it Available for Read?

On April 15th, 2023, Manager Kim Chapter 82 will be made available to read online. The “Manager Kim” Chapter 82 is currently available to read online across a variety of webtoon platforms. Webtoon, and Navar Comics, are a few examples of popular alternatives to consider.

Manager Kim Chapter 82 Release Date

In addition, the webtoon may be accessed through the official website or social media sites associated with “Manager Kim.” By checking these sources on a frequent basis, fans may maintain awareness of where they can find the most recent chapter to read.

Manager Kim Chapter 81 Recap!

In the manhwa from before, the special task team is getting ready to sneak into North Korea. The Vice Minister and his team are on their way to North Korea.

They have decided to go quietly so people don’t know where they are. Just as they talk about how they don’t want to bring a helicopter, a helicopter from the special task force comes out of nowhere.

Jincheol stole a military chopper so he could carry out his plans at his own place. This made the Vice Minister very angry and upset. The Vice Minister’s staff tell him that there are signs that someone used their database to look at the floor plans of Beol Ba Wi.

Jincheol leaves the special task force team behind and goes ahead to Beol Ba-Wi with his mismatched team of fathers who understand the need to protect their girls.

In his desperate situation, Mr. Kim is shocked to see Jincheol and his friends getting together to fight a group of North Korean forces. Jincheol and the doctor care for Mr. Kim while the strange laundryman fights the soldiers on his own.

Mr. Kim is shocked to see him fighting, so he asks Jincheol who he is. Jincheol tells him that he used to be a cop, but that he is also a father who understands Mr. Kim’s situation.

Jincheol has a memory of when he asked the laundryman for help. He sees how the ex-officer at first didn’t want to help, but after Jincheol told him Mr. Kim’s story, he decided to come along.

Manager Kim Chapter 82 Release Date

Jincheol fights with him against the army, and Mr. Kim finds his way to Baek Dan Yeol. After Mr. Kim didn’t do what Dan Yeol said, he saw Dan Yeol putting a gun to the head of a female prisoner and killing her. You can also try reading Jinx, a dark fantasy, and sci-fi manhwa.

Manager Kim Chapter 82 Spoilers!

  • Mr. Kim and Baek Dan Yeol will fight again, and Mr. Kim will be even angrier after Dan Yeol shoots the female prisoner Mr. Kim was trying so hard to save.
  • Jincheol and his friends will have to fight an army of soldiers on their own to save Mr. Kim and get him to Minji.
  • Minji will be in danger because she is surrounded by enemies who want to catch her and use her as a bargaining chip.
  • Mr. Kim will have to choose between saving Minji and getting revenge on the woman in jail.

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