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Are Ally Lewber And James Kennedy Still Together? Are Rumors Of A Breakup True Let’s Find Out!


Ally Lewber and James Kennedy have been making headlines lately as fans are speculating if the couple is still together. This article covers everything you need to know about the couple and their current relationship status.

Who Is James Kennedy?

James Kennedy is a British reality television star and music producer who was featured in the reality television show Vanderpump Rules. James Kennedy joined the crew in season 3 when he began working as a busser at SUR 1 a restaurant in West Hollywood.

James Kennedy is also a famous music producer who is known to have worked with notable names such as Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and Britney Spears.

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Who Is Ally Lewber?

are ally and james still together

Ally Lewber is an entertainer and a professional spiritual astrologer as well as a model. She is also a front desk receptionist at Soho House in Est Hollywood California. Ally James was featured on Vanderpump Rules with her friend James Kennedy.

Are Ally Lewber And James Kennedy Still Together?

are ally and james still together

Yes, Ally Lewber and James Kennedy are still together as of April 2023. The couple is still together and is going on strong despite appearing me trendy James Kenney is also on a podcast revealing that they are still together. despite some challenges faced by the couple. They are still going on strong.

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How Did James Kennedy And Ally Lewber Meet?

are ally and james still together

James Kennedy and Ally Lewber met on set according to them. James Kennedy revealed that they first met at her New Year Eve private party. It was also further revealed by those at the party that before their meeting at the event the couple had not earlier.

Since their first meeting, the couple has been going on strong and they have talked about increasing their burgeoning romance. James Kenedy on several occasions has posted several photos of the pair together.

The couple has also been attending public events together and they have a strong connection between them.

When Was James Kennedy And Ally Lewber Relationship Journey

are ally and james still together

The couple was first spotted together at the IHeart Music Festival Awards 12 on April. Before they started dating a few months later. The couple was also seen walking down the red carpet.

The couple was seen together at the event before their relationship was made official in the Vanderpumps Rule. Since their first appearance together the couple has been seen in different locations and attending events together. The pair were also seen in a recent video cuddling up together.

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