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Is Kurapika Trans? Why in Hunter X Hunter Does Kurapika Look Like a Girl?


Hunter × Hunter: Kurapika is smart and knows a lot about many things. Is Kurapika a Trans?  Kurapika is a made-up character in the Hunter x Hunter anime and manga.

Kurapika is a member of the Kurta Clan and one of the main characters in the story. Kurapika is famous for the goal to get revenge on the people who killed his family and finding the valuable Scarlet Eyes of the Kurta, which collectors and treasure hunters highly value.

He knows how to fight both physically and strategically, and he has special Nen skills. Kurapika is one of the most loved characters in the story because he is so determined and willful.

Kurapika also looks for people who want to steal people’s eyes to get back at those who killed his people and left him as the only one left.

Is Kurapika A Trans in Hunter x Hunter?

is kurapika trans

Togashi says that Kurapika is a man, even though Kurapika is usually called a woman.

The original material for “Hunter x Hunter” doesn’t say for sure what gender Kurapika is. Gender and sexual desire are both things that depend on the person and how they see themselves.

Some fans may or may not think of Kurapika as a trans figure. In the end, it’s up to the reader or viewer to decide how to understand the characters in a story. Quora says, though, that Yoshihiro Togashi knows how to trick people about the sexual preference of his characters.

In the original Japanese version, Kurapika was voiced by an actress named Miyuki Sawashiro. Also, Kurapika is mistaken for trans because viewers and other characters in the story have been mistaking him for a woman from the beginning.

Even though Kurapika’s gender is never said outright, many fans think Kurapika is a girl. This is because in the Japanese version of the show, Kurapika’s voice actor is a woman, and the character looks and acts like a woman.

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is kurapika trans

On the other hand, he is never shown without a shirt, and when Togashi does, he whites out the breast area. He doesn’t seem to care what other people think about what gender he is, unlike figures like Kalluto, whose gender isn’t clear.

He is always seen as a boy by the other characters, so they never get it wrong. In the end, it’s up to the watcher to decide what gender Kurapika is, and the character is likely to stay gender-ambiguous.

One of the most interesting things about the Hunter x Hunter stories is whether or not Kurapika is a girl or a woman. When we first meet Kurapika, he is called a man, which could mean that he is just a boy.

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A Look At Kurapika Personality

is kurapika trans

Kurapika is smart, calm, and knows a lot of things. He is quiet, doesn’t trust people easily, and has a lot of opinions about them. At his core, he is a proud, determined guy with a strong sense of right and wrong who wants to get back at those who killed his people.

He also has a strong moral compass that guides his actions and a lot of compassion and understanding. Kurapika is persistent and driven, but he also cares deeply about other people and is willing to put their needs before his own.

Also, because he is smart, clever, and strategic, he uses his skills and abilities to achieve his goals as well as he can.

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