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Police Report Highlights Alarming Pre-Disappearance Suicidal Statements by Drake Bell!


A police report says that Drake Bell’s brother, Robert, called Florida police on April 12 after the Nickelodeon star reportedly sent suicidal notes to his mother.

Drake Bell went missing for a short time, and now more information is coming out.

Drake’s brother, Robert Bell, told police on April 12 that he was worried about the Nickelodeon star’s well-being after Drake reportedly said suicidal things, according to a report that E! news got on April 14.

Robert, who lives in Huntington Beach, California, told the Orlando Police Department that Drake was “distraught” over alleged custody disputes with his ex-wife Janet Von Schmeling, whom he was visiting in Winter Park, Florida, to talk about a child custody deal, according to the report. Drake and Janet have a boy together who is 2 years old.

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According to the story, the Drake & Josh star sent his mom texts in which he said he didn’t want to live anymore. Robert sent two screenshots and a video of Drake talking about hurting himself to the police.

Police Report Highlights Alarming Pre-Disappearance Suicidal Statements by Drake Bell!

At that time, Drake’s cell phone pings showed that he was in Florida, in the cities of Ormond Beach, Titusville, and Daytona Beach. His last ping put him near Mainland High School, but police couldn’t get in touch with him or find him that night.

The next morning, the Daytona Beach Police Department posted on Facebook that Drake was “considered missing and endangered.” Later, the police said that they had found Drake and that “law enforcement officials are in touch with us and Mr. Bell is safe.”

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After that, Drake wrote on Twitter with a laughing emoji, “You leave your phone in the car and don’t answer for the night, and this?”

The star didn’t say anything else or give any more information about what happened.

Sources have asked Bell’s representative for comment, but they haven’t heard back yet.

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