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What Happened To Brian Shaw? Meet The World Strongest Man!


Brian Shaw is a famous American professional strongman who is regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time. Shaw has also won the 2011, 2013, 2015, and 2016 Worlds Strongest Man competitions.

He became the first man to win the inaugural Arnold Strong Man competition and the World’s Strongest Man competitions. Brian Shaw has also won 26 International competitions which is the fourth most decorated I’m history.

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Brian Shaw Early Life And Career

what happened to brian shaw

Brain Shaw was born in Fort Lupton Colorado and he is the son of Jay and Bonnie Shaw. Brian Shaw’s parents are both taller than average. He attended Fort Lupton High School and he was reported to excel in basketball.

Shaw then proceeded to Otero Junior College in Colorado where he was able to form an inside combination with the current Louisiana State University of Alexandria Head Women’s Basketball Coach Bob Austin.

what happened to brian shaw

While playing Basketball he was hooked on his weights and he has also revealed that his weights are his sanctuary. He has also revealed that he could lift the heaviest some or tire he has seen and that he has been able to work up and lift it.

Brian Shaw began his career as a strong man with a win when he entered the Denver Strongest Man contest in 2015. Shaw entered the competition with no formal training and seven months later he joined the professional ranks and his success in the sports continued.

what happened to brian shaw

Shaw in 2009 entered Fortissimus which is also known as the Strongest Man on Earth competition held in Canada where he eventually came third. Shaw became the only man to successfully lift six Atlas stones weighing 300 to 425 lb.

Brian Shaw also competed in Romania at the World Strongman Super Series and he also participated in the World’s Strongest Man contest in Valletta. Shaw however qualified for the final at the 2010 Worlds Strongest Man which was held in Sun City South Africa.

what happened to brian shaw

However, he was tied for the less at the end of the final with Zydrunas Savickas and lost by countback which is a system based on how the athletes are placed in each event throughout the finals. Zydrunas eventually won with a higher overall place.

Brian Shaw won the Strongman Super Series Swedish Grand Prix and he became the 2010 overall Super Series champion which was his second consecutive overall super series championship.

what happened to brian shaw

Shaw once again 2011 participated in the world’s Strongest Man competition and marched on to the final event. He was again tied with Zydrunas however he came out victorious taking first place. In the 2013 competition, Shaw led Zydrunas in the final event and won and broke his records for deadlift lifting.

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Brian Shaw has gone on to cement his place in the World Strongest Man Competition winning several Awards as well as championships.

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What Happened To Brian Shaw?

what happened to brian shaw

Brian Shaw disclosed how he almost lost his leg in preparation for the 2023 World’s Strongest Man competition which is scheduled to take place on April 19 to 23 in Myre Beach South Carolina.

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In a video posted on his channel titled Road to WSM, he showed footage of himself lying in a hospital bed.

Brian Shaw while talking about his infection also showed a video of his leg the video showed his skin drying out and changing color to purple. It was obvious that he was suffering from a serious infection.

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Will Brian Shaw Compete In The 2023 World Championship?

what happened to brian shaw

It is yet to be confirmed if Brain Shaw would compete in the 2023 world championship. However, his goal of winning his fifth WSM remains his focus. During his time at the hospital, Brain made efforts to maintain his weight by eating several meals every day.

The Infection also reminds Brian Shaw of 2013 when he had to undergo surgery before the WSM but he went on to win it. Brian Shaw also shared training videos and worked on his training to perform better at the event.

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