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Jeri Ryan of Star Trek: Picard Quietly Confirms a Significant Voyager Reunion!


Star Trek Picard Voyager reunion: Jeri Ryan, who plays the popular Star Trek character Seven of Nine in season 3 of Star Trek Picard, has hinted cryptically at a big Voyager return. The upcoming Star Trek Picard season 3 episode 10 is the series’ big finale, which means one thing: it’s the last chance for more cameos and reunions.

So far, fans have been happy that the show has brought back characters from Voyager like Ro Laren, Moriarty, Admiral Shelby, and, of course, Tuvok. But it wasn’t really Tuvok. Instead, it was a Changeling who was pretending to be the Vulcan.

With only one episode left, fans are wanting to see Seven of Nine with the real Tuvok and for Janeway to come back. We have both good and bad news about this.
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Let’s start with the good news: Jeri Ryan has now stated that she and Tuvok will have a scene together in the final episode. This will be the first big Voyager reunion of the show. She first told Screen Rant that the scene with the Changeling Tuvok wasn’t one that the two stars were in together.

“No, we didn’t work together to make that. But, of course, he’s great.” She went on to say that they would get to see each other again in person.

Star Trek Picard Voyager reunion

We did get to chat. We did have a chance to meet. And there could be another scene where the two of them are together… He appears in two shows. So, yes, we’ll see him in Episode 10.”

There has been no official word yet that Admiral Janeway will be back for this meeting. But don’t lose all hope just yet.
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Admiral Janeway has been talked about a lot in Star Trek: Picard’s third season, so it seems very possible that she will help the main characters in the last episode.

That is, of course, just a guess, but it makes us feel pretty good.
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The dream would be to see Seven, Tuvok, and Janeway all together again, and it might help make up for the loss of Captain Shaw.

This season has seen the return of a number of additional recurrent guest stars from previous seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation, notably Michelle Forbes in her role as Ro Laren in the episode “Imposters.”

Although the connection between Picard and Ro was the primary emphasis of that episode, the character also had a significant past with Riker in TNG, which was not addressed.

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