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What Happened Between Sane And Mane? Everything You Need To Know About Their Brawl


Sadio Mane has been suspended by Bayern Munich following a brawl between the Bayern Munich star and Leroy Sane. The event happened after a humiliating 3-0 defeat at the hands of Manchester City in the Champions League quarter-final match in England.

Fans have been eager to find out what transpired between the two footballers. Here is everything you need to know about what happened.

What Happened Between Sadio Mane And Leroy Sane?

What happened between Sane and Mane

Sadio Mane and Leroy Sane had an altercation that left Sane with a swollen mouth. Leroy Sane fell out on the pitch and the argument went all the way to the dressing room. The argument started in the, 83, minutes of the contest. Sane intended to play a short pass to Mane but Mane anticipated wrongly and made a deep run instead.

Sane confronted Mane over the mistake who was just brought in 14 minutes earlier.

Mane on his side complained to Sane about the way he was talking to him on the pitch which further led to an altercation that left Sane with a swollen lip.

What happened between Sane and Mane

A video that went viral showed Leroy Sane covering his mouth whenever he comes across the camera. Mane was suspended and did not take part in the team’s 1-1 draw with Hoffenheim. He was also asked to apologize to Sane and he was asked to pay a fine.

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Will Sadio Mane Leave Bayern Munich After What Happened?

What happened between Sane and Mane

Sadio Mane has not performed to the expectation he had at Liverpool Fc. He has scored only 11 goals in 32 matches and for most of these goals he came off from the bench. However, the club is not planning on terminating his contract but he has failed to replicate his form for the team.

Sadio Mane was bought from Liverpool Fc to replace the outgoing Robert Lewandowski to Barcelona and was used by former coach Julian Nagelsmann. But the coach realized that Mane was not the type of player Lewandowski had been. So he decided to move him to the flank but he has also struggled to find his spot in the team.

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Sadio Mane Lacks The Confidence Of Old 

What happened between Sane and Mane

Bayern Munich’s new coach Thomas Tuchel has also revealed that he would prefer to use Mane on the left side of a 4-3-3 formation but it appears any discussion about tactical roles seems to go deeper than any tactical formation. Sadio Mane seems to have lost the confidence that once set him on the map.

He has also missed some important matches for both club and country. Mane had earlier missed the World Cup in Qatar and has also missed some vital games for Bayern Munich through injury.

What caused Mane to lose his form remains a mystery but Tuchel has made it clear that they are looking behind all of these and making him regain that lost form.

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