Who Is Bradley Martyn Currently Dating? A Look At His Love Life


Bradly Martyn is an American online fitness coach as well as a highly subscribed health YouTube channel Bradley is the founder of Lean Meals. He has a widespread of followers across social media and his fitness journey has inspired many around the world.

Bradly Martyn fans have been eager to find out who he is currently in a relationship with. This article covers everything you need to know about Bradly as well as his current relationship status.

Bradly Martyn Early Life And Career

who is bradley martyn dating

Bradly Martyn started his training in the gym at an early stage where he learned weight training and nutrition. He opened his gym when he was 16 years old and called his training BM Fits which stands for the first two letters of his name. Bradly Martyn however dropped out of school with just one semester to graduation.

Bradly Martyn started his fitness program BM Fits in January 2006. However, he started making waves in 2014 when he also created his YouTube profile.
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He also founded and become the CEO of Alphacre8tive Designs created in 2012.

who is bradley martyn dating

Bradley Martyn is also the founder of Zoo Culture in Los Angeles, California and he has a supplement line which is called Origin Supplement. Bradley has also starred in several movie roles such as “Boo A Madea Halloween” and “Coded Court” in 2019 and the television show “Caught and Caught”.

Bradley Martyn in one of his videos in 2014 revealed that he was planning to gift one of his hardworking staff a gift. Bradley eventually gifted Steve his assistant a brand new Tacoma truck. Steve was one of his first employees at the gym the video also highlighted the difference between Steve's old truck which was not in a good shape and his new truck.

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Who Is Bradley Martyn Currently Dating?

who is bradley martyn dating

Bradley Martyn has not revealed or Publicly confirmed his relationship status yet. Bradley Martyn as of April 17, 2023, is currently single. However, Bradly has been seen with several women hanging out with them but it is still unclear if he is romantically involved with any of them.

Bradley Martyn was rumored to be dating Ava Cowan a fitness model and coach. However, neither Bradley nor Cowan confirmed their relationship.

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Bradley Martyn's Past Relationships

who is bradley martyn dating

Bradley Martyn has been with some famous personalities in the past. Bradley Martyn was in a relationship with Kara Corey in 2015. Kara was also a fitness model and coach. fan of the fitness coach was disappointed at the news that the couple was breaking up. The couple did not also disclose the reason for their breakup.

Bradley Martyn has been the subject of speculation about his love and he has not confirmed or debunked any news about his relationship.
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Bradley has always kept his love life private and away from public eyes.

Bradley Martyn's Net Worth

who is bradley martyn dating

Bradley Martyn's net worth as of April 2023 is estimated to be $2 million. Bradley Martyn's main source of income comes from his YouTube page and his fitness gym.
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