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The Wait is Over: Operation True Love Chapter 59 Release Date Announced!


Operation True Love Chapter 59 Release Date: Since it first came out, the Operation True Love manga series has become famous among fans of romance stories. When a new chapter comes out, fans can’t wait for the next part of the story.

Many fans were left wondering what would happen next in the story after Chapter 58. In this piece, we’ll talk about when Operation True Love Chapter 59 Release Date will come out and try to guess what fans can expect from it.

Operation True Love Quick Info!

Name Operation True Love
Chapter Chapter 59
Author Kkokkalee Dledumb
Release Date April 22, 2023
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What is Operation True Love All About?

Operation True Love is an original Romance Webtoon by Kkokkalee and Dledumb. Every Friday, it’s changed. The first Korean Webtoon was shown for the first time on Naver.

It’s hard to date someone who doesn’t care about you. Su-ae Shim knows this better than anyone because she has been with her apathetic boyfriend, Minu Kang, for years.

Operation True Love Chapter 59 Release Date

She sometimes wishes she was more like her charming stepsister Ra-im, who seems to have it all. But when Ra-im suddenly comes up with a plan to help Su-ae win Minu’s heart, Su-ae has to decide whether to accept her stepsister’s advice or go with her gut.

Operation True Love Chapter 59 Release Date!

Chapter 59 of Operation True Love will come out on April 22, 2023. Depending on where you live, the release time may be different. Here are some examples of when it will come out in different parts of the world:

On April 22, 2023, it will be 6:09 AM in Eastern Standard Time, 3:09 AM in Pacific Standard Time, and 5:09 AM in Central Standard Time.

On the WEBTOON website or app, you can read Operation True Love. It can be read in three languages: English, Korean, and Japanese. You can also help the author if you buy money or sign up to read the webtoon. You may also like Standard of Reincarnation.

Operation True Love Chapter 58 Recap!

While we were talking about the business card. Dohwa says he doesn’t know about it and says that as soon as he got one, he threw it away, so he doesn’t know who gave it to him. This was a huge shock to our girl, who knows the value of that card, unlike Dohwa. Seeing her crying for it, Dohwa asks her if she needs it.

Dohwa tells Ae Se that he has a lot of them at home and asks her if he should give her all of them. Ae Se says that she does need it and that it was her last chance.

Later in the chapter, Ae Se is at Dohwa’s house, and it’s hard for her to believe that she’s back there again. Ae Se sees that he has fixed the light in the hallway as she walks through it. When she was there before, the lights were all out.

Operation True Love Chapter 59 Release Date

Later, Dohwa tells her to sit down and brings a lot of business cards to give to her. We can see that she started looking for a card from Marang. However, her worries that he wouldn’t get one from Marang were unfounded, because he got a lot of cards from them, including one that was special.


Operation True Love is a popular romance webtoon that shows the difficult relationships between four characters: Su-ae, Minu, Ra-im, and Eun-hyuk. Every Friday, the webtoon is updated on the WEBTOON app or website.

Part 59, the next part, should come out on April 22, 2023. After the dramatic events of the last part, fans can’t wait to see where the story goes next. Will Su-ae and Minu be able to get past their fears and doubts? Will Ra-im and Eun-hyuk be able to get over how they feel about each other?

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