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Who is Janet in School Spirits? How Did Janet took Over Maddie’s body?


Who is Janet in School Spirits? What happens with Janet in the school Spirits? Is Maddie still alive in the last episode? Are you want to answer all these Questions? If yes, you have a visit to the right place.

In this article, we will talk about Who is Janet in School Spirits. Read the full article to get all information about Janet.

What is School Spirits All About?

School Spirits is an American magical teen drama show that started on March 9, 2023, on Paramount+. The show is based on a graphic book by Megan Trinrud, Nate Trinrud, and Maria Nguyen that will come out in the fall of 2023.

Peyton List plays Maddie, a teen who dies strangely and comes back to her high school as a ghost. She works with other ghosts and her best friend Simon to figure out who killed her and solve the puzzle of her death. The first season of the show has eight episodes and has been praised by both reviewers and viewers.

Who is Janet in School Spirits?

Janet is mentioned throughout the series but is never seen on screen. Maddie arrives at the spirit group and immediately inquires if a seat is available.

Who is Janet in School Spirits

The seat was formerly occupied by Janet, she is informed, yet the show never explains why Janet is no longer attending the support group.

Maddie is still determined to figure out what happened the night she died and who killed her. From her former best friend to her current mother, she has questioned them all.

What Happens with Janet in the School Spirits?

From the fact that Janet stole Maddie’s body, it seems likely that she wants to go back to the world of the living. Since she was locked up for years in the science lab downstairs, she might be a spirit with a grudge. It’s possible that Mr. Martin locked her up and she’s just now enjoying her freedom.

We shouldn’t forget that the ghosts couldn’t leave the room. This means that Janet probably couldn’t get out of there either, which is why she took such a risk with Maddie’s body. Now that Janet has gotten away, she may try to find her family or any of her relatives who are still alive.

For the story to go on, she would have to go back to Split Rivers at some point. When she does, she will act like the real Maddie, but her attitude will be so different that people will be surprised. This is a cliche, but everyone knows it.

Janet won’t want to give her Maddie’s body, so she might come up with a lot of complicated plans to get her to move on to the future and settle her problems with whoever. But we expect that this process will bring up some questions about the value of life itself.

Why is Maddie’s life so much better than Janet’s when, after her mother’s betrayal, even Maddie has no future? And let’s say she does have a future. Why doesn’t Janet deserve to take them when her life was taken from her so unfairly so many years ago? We’re looking forward to the discussions about these issues.

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Is Maddie Still Alive in the Last Episode of School Spirits?

It turns out Maddie (Peyton List) didn’t really die and go to the afterlife of School Spirits. Throughout the season, this was hinted at because she had a hard time remembering how she died, while the other ghosts could remember how they died.

Who is Janet in School Spirits

Janet took over Maddie’s body so that she could live again. This is why Maddie’s spirit isn’t in her body. This was also hinted at when Maddie said she wanted to try hypnosis to remember how she died but was told not to because it could lead to a ghost taking over her body. Mr. Martin was starting to look like he was up to no good, and it turned out that he was.

Even though he didn’t kill Maddie, he knew that Janet was using her body the whole time. At the end of the show, Janet is in Maddie’s body and buys a ticket to leave town. Since she is far away, it will be hard to find her and bring Maddie’s body back so she can get back to her life.

Even though most people didn’t see the ending coming, TikTok user Francineh_ knew that Janet had taken over Maddie after episode 7. But the fan didn’t put together that Mr. Martin had something to do with it.

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