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When Is Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date? Everything You Need To Know To Stay Updated!


Blue Exorcist is set to return for season 3 as it has been officially confirmed by the production crew. The first season was released in 2012 which was then accompanied by a movie and a second season.

Fans of the manga have been curious to find out of the ere would be a possible season 3. This article covers everything you need to know about the twist and plot of a possible season 3.

Will There Be A Possible Season 3 Of Blue Exorcist?

blue exorcist season 3 release date

There is still no confirmation about the release date of Blue Exorcist yet. The success of the first season has nothing to do with the second and it has been a long time between the second season and a possible third season if there would be a third season.

There is also a glimpse of hope regarding the third season due to the huge amount of time frame between the two previous seasons. After the first season, it took five years before the second could be aired, and patience is something that the Blue Exorcist production team has thought many of its fans.

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Blue Exorcist Season 3 Release Date?

blue exorcist season 3 release date

Blue Exorcist currently has no date for the release of the third season yet and fans of the manga can only hope for the release date to be sooner than later.

According to Crunchyroll, Blue Exorcist sold over 15 million copies in 2016, and if there is a possible third season the number is estimated to rise significantly.

Blue Exorcist Season 3 Plot

blue exorcist season 3 release date

The universe of Ao no Exorcist was divided into two dimensions and is connected by a mirror. The first dimension is Assiah which is the world of men and the second dimension is known as Gehenna the world of demons. Having communication or interaction from the two dimensions was difficult. However, demons have the power to enter the realm if they appropriate an object from it.

Satan is the god of demons but he lacks the ability of a powerful vessel in the human realm that could contain him. Rin Okumura his son was created for this reason but it is yet unknown if he would adhere to instructions or if he might evolve into something else.

blue exorcist season 3 release date

Rin Okumura however embarked on a pursuit to become an Exorcist when Father Fujimoto tried sending him back to the demon realm by trying to murder him. However, in the process, Rim becomes powerful enough to fight Satan while dealing with the problems of being the son of Satan.

Blue Exorcist currently has 37 episodes over the two seasons. The first season has 25 episodes and was aired from April to October 2011 while the second season has 12 episodes and aired from January to March 2017.

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Blue Exorcist Cast And Characters

blue exorcist season 3 release date

•Rin Okumura by Nobuhiko Okamoto

•Amaimon by Tetsuya Kakihara

•Yukio Okumura by Jun Fukuyama

•Shura Kirigakure by Rima Satou

•Mephisto Pheles by Hiroshi Kamiya

•Kuro by Ayahi Takagaki

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