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Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 51: Release Date, Platforms, and More!


Bad Thinking Diary might be familiar to you if you like relationship manga with a touch of comedy and drama. Park Do-han wrote and drew this manga series, which tells the story of Kim Minji, a cute girl with light brown hair and green eyes.

The story is familiar and interesting. She usually wears clothes in a lot of colors. She is also 21 years old and has a crush on Yuna.

Since 2020, the comic has been posted online in installments, and it has gained a large number of fans. The most recent chapter of the comic came out on April 17, 2023. It was chapter 50.

So, when will Chapter 51 of Bad Thinking Diary be out? And what should we expect? We’ll answer these questions and tell you everything you need to know about the next chapter of this famous manga series in this post. Continue reading to learn more!

What is the Storyline of Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 51?

Minji and Yuna always hung out with each other. From the time they were 17 until now, when they are 21, they have been great friends. From then on, there are small changes in their relationship. It all started when Yuna showed up in a strange dream!

Their friendship starts to change into something more than just that. unrequited love, excitement, and passion. “Bad thoughts” keep coming up in everyone’s mind. Where will our bad ideas go that began on a beautiful college campus?

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 51 Quick Info!

Name Bad Thinking Diary
Chapter 51
Author Park Do-han
Release Date 24 April 2023
Where to Read Manga 18


Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 51 Release Date!

So, when will Chapter 51 of Bad Thinking Diary be out? The official plan says that the manga is updated every week on different websites. This means that Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 51 will probably come out on April 24, 2023.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 51

This date could change, though, based on what’s going on with the author and how much time he or she has. So, it’s best to check the public sources to see if there are any changes or delays. You can also enjoy reading Manhwa like Bad Thinking Diary such as Jinx And Payback.

Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 50 Recap!

Chapter 50 of Bad Thinking Diary has Yuna carrying Minji out of the tavern where they had just spoken with Hyera. Hyera was irritated by the sight and desired nothing more than to destroy their relationship. However, her efforts have been in futile, as they are now together and closer than ever before.

Her friend made fun of her for being wounded by this, prompting her to lash out at her for her condescending attitude. Hyera had quit her position of separating the two from her, but she was irritated that she had not. That was the beginning of Hyera’s monologue about why she has been acting as she has throughout the series and the primary motivation.

We get our first glimpse of her self-perception and worldview, which is nothing short of complete. The audience was able to determine that she was morally reprehensible. And after a brief glimpse of her personality, everyone is convinced that she is indeed corrupt and possibly beyond redemption.

Spoilers for Bad Thinking Diary Chapter 51!

Chapter 51 of Bad Thinking Diary will reveal how Hyera has been operating all along behind the scenes. We observed her manipulating Minjae, who was captivated by her very apparent from the moment they first met.

Hyera intended to use her immediately through coercion and seduction. And the best method she could think of was to act as a barrier between Minji and Yuna. Consequently making communication between them difficult.

But nothing worked, and the two sisters are now living together with increased affection. And as this becomes the case, Hyera reveals why she desires them to suffer, particularly Yuna. However, will her history reveal her pettiness or something else?

Where To Read Bad Thinking Diary Online?

Bad Thinking Diary can be found on the main site for the webcomic Bad Thinking Diary, which is Lezhin Comics. To read the new chapters, which come out every Wednesday, you’ll need coins, which are the site’s money.

You can read it on Manga18 as well. You can buy coins with real money on Lezhin Comics, or you can do jobs to earn them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bad Thinking Diary Suitable for All Ages?

No, Bad Thinking Diary is for people who are 18 or older because it has material like nudity, sexual scenes, violence, and strong language. The manhwa is for adults who can deal with the themes in a mature and responsible way.

Is Bad Thinking Diary Completed? 

No, Bad Thinking Diary is still being written. As of April 2023, there are 50 episodes. The manhwa is changed every week on different websites.

How did Minji and Yuna Meet? 

Minji and Yuna met when they were given seats next to each other in high school. They became fast friends because they liked the same things and did the same things. They also helped each other with their own problems and stood by each other when things got hard.

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