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When Will Evil Dead Rise Coming to DVD and Blu-Ray?


Evil Dead Rise DVD and Blu-Ray Release Date: The newest movie in the Evil Dead series is now playing in theaters. When will Evil Dead Rise be available on DVD?

Evil Dead fans will be happy to see that the movies are coming back. Now that the fifth movie is out, it looks like it will be just as good as the others.

In this movie, Beth and Ellie are two sisters who have grown apart. Ellie is trying to raise her three kids by herself in a small LA apartment, and Beth chooses to stop by.
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When they find a book hidden somewhere in Ellie’s building, it cuts short their time together. This lets out a monster that can take over human bodies and threatens everyone’s life.

Whether you’re going to the theater or not, you’ll definitely want to add this to your DVD library. How long until you can do that?

Evil Dead Rise DVD and Blu-Ray Release Date!

There is no date for when the DVD will come out yet. That shouldn’t be a surprise, since it just came out in cinemas. So, we should look at movies made by the same company, Warner Bros.
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Magic Mike’s Last Dance and Shazam! will be looked at. Both this and Fury of the Gods came out not too long ago.
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Warner Bros. movies usually come out on DVD and Blu-ray about two months after they come out in theaters. With that in mind, the Evil Dead Rise DVD release date could be around June 20 or June 27.

Evil Dead Rise DVD and Blu-Ray Release Date

What about putting it out digitally? That usually happens a lot faster. Warner Bros. has been putting movies out on Digital in just a couple of weeks, so this scary movie might come out on Tuesday, May 2, or Tuesday, May 9.

What is The Plot of Evil Dead Rise? 

Friends Teresa, Caleb, and Jessica are on vacation at a house by a lake when an ill person shows up. Jessica supposedly gives in to a monster, cuts off Teresa’s hair with her bare hands, and cuts off Caleb’s head with a drone. She then floats in the air while Teresa, who is bleeding, watches.

One day before, Beth, who works as a guitar tech in the music business, goes to see her sister, Ellie, and her three kids, Danny, Bridget, and Kassie, at their apartment complex in Los Angeles. As the three kids run to get pizza, the building is hit by an earthquake, which makes a huge hole in the parking lot.

Danny looks into the hole and finds several holy objects, three phonograph records, and a strange book, all of which he takes to his room. The records show that the book is the third volume of the Naturom Demonto, which was once studied in secret by priests who were told by the church that they couldn’t do it.

Evil Dead Rise DVD and Blu-Ray Release Date

As the priests read the spells in the book, the demons called Deadites come out and cut the power to the whole building. Ellie is brutally attacked in the elevator. When Ellie gets back to her apartment, she throws up a lot and passes out in front of Beth and the kids.

Evil Dead Rise Ratings!

IMDb‘s user community has given the 2023 horror film Evil Dead Rise a rating of 7.7 out of 10, based on 2.2 thousand individual ratings.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film gets a score of 85% from critics or the audiences who have seen it. It has been given a rating of R because it contains graphic violent horror violence, a small amount of language, and gore.

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