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Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1420 Release Date: Get Ready for the Next Chapter Thrill!


Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1420 Release Date: The story of Makunouchi Ippo, a high school student who goes on to become a professional boxer, is told in the popular manga series Hajime No Ippo.

Since its debut in 1989, this Japanese comic book series has amassed a total of more than 1400 chapters.  Kodansha is the company that is responsible for publishing the manga that was written and illustrated by George Morikawa.

In this article, we will discuss the Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1420 Release Date, spoilers, a recap of the previous chapter, and much more. Get all information by reading the whole article.

Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1420 Release Date

The Hajime no Ippo manga series is one that has received a great deal of acclaim from its audience of readers. The publication of Chapter 1420 is scheduled for the 26th of April, 2023. The arrival of the new chapter has generated a lot of excitement among the audience.

Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1420 Spoilers!

Ippo Makunouchi, a young man seventeen, is extremely careful and shy. He assists his mom in running the family fishing boat business, which is simply called the “Makunouchi fishing store.” This prevents him from ever having free time for fun pursuits like sports or socializing.

On his way home from school, he was attacked by a bunch of bullies led by Masahiko Umezawa; a famous boxer named Mamoru Takamura came to his aid. With Takamura’s help, he was able to get to the gym, where he worked out until he came to.

Then, in an effort to cheer him up, he suggests that he punch a sandbag. He knows Ippo can do well and therefore offers to show him some footage of Mike Tyson’s best knockouts.

Ippo is inspired to follow in Mike Tyson’s footsteps by these movies and become a professional boxer like Takamura. As an added bonus, he has a burning curiosity to learn “what it feels like to be strong.”

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Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1419 Recap: What Happens Previously?

Ippo’s friends tease him about how he came back from the war in Mexico early because Ane was the first person he encountered, but he explains that he needed to get his wounds healed first. His classmates keep making fun of him because of this.

This was in reference to the time he had gone to train with his master after the major battle, in order to replenish his strength through sparring. the people closest to Ippo have a skewed understanding of the term “handle the heat.

Hajime no Ippo Chapter 1420 Release Date

Friends of Ippo start making fun of him, saying that he must have been affected by the hot Mexican food, as he is so malnourished that he can only survive on ordinary Japanese fare. Ippo eats virtually nothing but Japanese food.

After Ane gives them the death gaze and orders them to stop laughing, they talk about how they can’t ever do that to Ippo again.

Ippo then hands out the mask-themed mementos he brought back from Mexico. In addition, he gives Ane a mask, and she takes great pleasure in hiding her identity while the others become more and more agitated.

When Ippo’s buddies want to meet his mom, he invites them over to his house. She serves dinner to the group but can’t help but wonder who they all are hiding behind. The same may be said for Ippo’s master, who has resumed teaching.

All of his students thought he had lost his mind when he first showed up wearing the disguise backward and hiding his eyes. He did, however, explain that it was really a rehearsal.

He cited the Wiarlee Ricardo clash to stress the value of daring in battle. He practices with his eyes closed to increase his awareness, reasoning that one shouldn’t rely exclusively on their vision to win combat but rather should be able to detect their opponent’s presence. He gives his two students masks to wear, tells them to cover their eyes, then does it himself.

Where to Read Hajime No Ippo Chapter 1420 Online?

You can look at the manga’s official websites and channels, like the publisher’s website or a licensed streaming service. You can also look for legitimate online manga shops or physical bookstores that sell manga.

There are many places that sell the prints of Hajime No Ippo. But the best place to read comics is on a site that is made by the author. The current chapters of the Shonenmagazine can be found on the site for the magazine. Stay tuned with Crossover99, to get all future related news about Hajime No Ippo.

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