The Unpredictable Future of My Hero Academia: Fans Speculate Stain’s Next Move After Latest Cliffhanger!

The Unpredictable Future of My Hero Academia: Fans Speculate Stain's Next Move After Latest Cliffhanger

The latest manga mystery in My Hero Academia has fans wondering what Hero Killer Stain's big role will be in the Final War Arc, which is the most important part of the story. In Chapter 386 of My Hero Academia, All For One is trying to cross the battlefield lines to get to his student Tomura Shigaraki and finish the fusion process that will give the dark overlord a new life in the most unstoppable form he has ever reached.

This is a very important time in the war. The stalemated battle between the regrouped League of Villains and the hero army is the biggest obstacle between All For One and Shigaraki. Flame-powered Dabi is releasing an inferno that is steadily growing to the level of an atomic bomb that is about to wipe out most of the warzone and everyone in the area.

In My Hero Academia Chapter 386, the heroes change their plan for how to use their last remaining fighters. All Might finally joins the fight and steps up to face his enemy All For One, even though he doesn't have his quirk powers. All Might tells Shoto and Lida to join the fight against Dabi because Shoto's skills of fire and ice are the only thing that can stop his crazy brother.

As Shoto and Lida run fast toward Dabi, a small panel shows that Hero Killer Stain is hiding in the shadows on the corner of a skyscraper and watching Shoto and Lida carefully. Stain seems to be upset when he sees the two young heroes rush into a fight to protect others. This makes it hard to know what he will do next.

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Will Stain Help The Heroes or The Villains?

The Unpredictable Future of My Hero Academia: Fans Speculate Stain's Next Move After Latest Cliffhanger

Hero Killer Stain has been kind of a strange middleman in the story of My Hero Academia. The violent anti-hero vigilante and his belief that the pro-hero system is an illusion have never been a big part of My Hero Academia, but they have had some of the biggest effects on the story's characters and ideas.

What Stain does at this crucial moment, when hero society is on the verge of collapse and criminals could take over again, is a big theme that needs to be resolved.

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The stain could end up helping the heroes in a violent way (by killing Dabi or helping All Might fight All For One), he could help the villains bring down hero society, or he could help the heroes in a nonviolent way by giving them important information or making those who are loyal to his cause (like Dabi) change their minds.


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