Welcome to Eden Season 3: Renewed or Canceled, Let’s Find Out!

Welcome to Eden Season 3

Welcome to Eden Season 3: Welcome to Eden was one of the most surprising shows to be picked up again last year. It's about a cult that lives on an island called Eden.

Our main characters soon find out that this beautiful place is anything but heaven. If you've already seen this one, you may be thinking if it will continue or if it's been canceled.

In this article, we will discuss the Welcome to Eden Season 3 Renewal Status, Release Date, Expected plot, and much more. Read the full story below if you want the complete picture.

Will There Be Welcome to Eden Season 3?

As of April, Netflix had not said what would happen after Season 3 of Welcome to Eden. In other words, no one has asked for Welcome to Eden Season 3. But since the second season just came out, there's no reason to worry right now. Netflix doesn't always decide what will happen to a show right after a season starts.

The huge streaming service will probably wait to see how many people watch the second season in the first month after it comes out on the network. It's before choosing whether to keep the service or not. Netflix will probably decide after adding up how many hours people watched in the first month.

Welcome to Eden Season 3 Release Date!

Still, a third season of Welcome to Eden could be coming up soon, based on how well the second season does in its first few weeks.

Welcome to Eden's first season began on May 6, 2022, and on May 25, 2022, a second season was ordered. The first season stayed high on Netflix's global Top 10 list for non-English TV during its first three weeks on the site.

Welcome to Eden Season 3

Netflix chose to start a second season because of this. If season 2 of Welcome to Eden is as popular as season 1, a third season may be revealed in early May.

What Could Be The Plot Of Welcome To Eden Season 3?

Just like the first season, the second season of “Welcome to Eden” ends on a cliffhanger. The audience is left with a lot of questions that are not solved.

Zoa and Bel want to have Astrid killed. Nuria will help them do this. When Zoa and Isaac arrive at the module in the volcano pit, they force Bel and Zoa to change their plans. The result is that they are caught.

After this, Zoe finds out that her younger sister Gaby was the one who told Astrid about their plans. Gaby has been brainwashed by Astrid and her husband in front of Zoa, making the older girl feel helpless. Zoa and Bel are about to be killed when Brisa and her friends arrive on the island.

There, just before the two teams play each other, the season ends. Astrid welcomes both Som and Gaby, who goes by the made-up name Molly when they move into the neighborhood at the same time. It turns out that Mr. Sisuk, Astrid's father's biggest enemy, is Som's father.

In the next season 3, Astrid will definitely find out how Som and Danae have tricked her. At last, fans might find out what's really going on in New Eden and if it's the real world.

At the season 2 end, it was also revealed that Erick's child is in Africa. The fact that Astrid can't have children of her own is going to change her relationship with Erick.

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Who Will Be in the Cast Of Welcome To Eden Season 3?

Zoa is played on the show by Amaia Aberasturi. Amaia is a Spanish actor who is best known for her roles in the TV show 45 rpm and the horror movie Coven, which will come out in 2020.

When Zoa got an invite to a party on a secret island called Eden, she thought she had finally found happiness. But her happiness quickly turns into a nightmare when, after a wild night of partying, she wakes up to find that her friend has disappeared.

Berta Castaé plays the role of Gabi. She is Zoa's little sister. Some of her other well-known works are Bajo sospecha, Big Band Clan, Com si fos ahir, Todos mienten, and El secreto de Puente Viejo.

Welcome to Eden Season 3

She started working as a young model for Les Enfants de l'Eden in 2013. Later, she got her start in acting with a major TV part. Belinda Peregrin plays the part of Africa.

Africa is a megastar and well-known social media figure who goes by the name Afrilux among her fans. Begoa Vargas plays the role of Bel in the show.

After Zoa becomes her link, Bel, who is part of the Eden Foundation, starts to feel more and more for her. Amaia Salamanca plays the role of Astrid.

Astrid started the Eden Foundation with her husband Erick 15 years ago. She says that they set up the group as a way to protect themselves. Som is played by Nona Sobo, and Danae is played by Luca Guerrero.

How Many Seasons of Welcome to Eden Are There?

Welcome to Eden has only been on for two years so far. Netflix hasn't said how many seasons they plan to make yet, and it looks like the streaming service is continuing the show season by season.

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