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Oshi No Ko Episode 4 Release Date: When and Where to Watch Online?


Oshi No Ko Episode 4 Release Date: Since the last episode of Oshi No Ko came out on April 26, 2023, fans are very excited about the next one. Aqua will get closer to finding out who his real father is, and who is responsible for killing his mother, in the next part. This is a very important step.

In this article, we will discuss Oshi No Ko Episode 4 Release Date, spoilers, a recap of Episode 3, and much more. Scroll down and read the entire article if you want to get all the details.

Oshi No Ko Episode 4 Quick Info!

Title Oshi No Ko
Director Doga Kobo
Episode 4
Release Date May 3, 2023
Where to Watch HIDIVE


Oshi No Ko Episode 4 Release Date!

On May 3, 2023, episode 4 of Oshi no Ko will air on several Japanese television networks. After the show airs, viewers from all over the world will be able to stream it, making it available to everyone by May 4. If you enjoy this manhwa, we also urge you to read the romance and historical manhwa Payback.

Oshi No Ko Episode 4 Spoilers!

After seeing the end of Oshi no Ko episode 3, fans are eager to see how the plan to find Aqua’s real father, who planned to kill Ai Hoshino, is coming along.

Oshi No Ko Episode 4 Release Date

Fans will also get to see Aqua act again, which could pull him into the complicated jungle that is the entertainment business. On the other hand, viewers can also expect to see Ruby make progress toward her own goals.

Oshi No Ko Episode 3 Recap!

In the third episode of Oshi no Ko, Aqua, and Ruby meet Kana, a child actor with whom Aqua had worked before. They talked about what they wanted to study, and Ruby chose to perform arts while Aqua chose general education.

Kana told Aqua that she is working on a TV drama called “I’ll Go With Sweet Today.” At first, Aqua turned down Kana’s offer to be in the show. But when he found out that the show’s director was Masaya Kaburagi, one of Ai’s phone contacts before she died, Aqua changed his mind and took the job.

He played the bad guy in the show’s last episode because he wanted to get a DNA sample from Kaburagi to find out if he was his real father. Aqua sees that Kana isn’t doing her best work during the shoot.

She says that most of the actors were hired because of how they look, not because of how good they are at playing. This is why she needs to hold back a little, or else the others might look like bad actors.

Kana had to work hard to learn more about nature, which caused her to be cast more often. Later, Aqua heard the producer talking about how they were using Kana’s fame to get her to work for less money, which showed how unethical the business was.

Oshi No Ko Episode 4 Release Date

He takes the cigarette butt that the producer threw away and plans to use it for himself. At the end of the show, Aqua is determined to do his best as the bad guy.

Where to Watch Episode 4 of Oshi No Ko?

Only HIDIVE and Netflix in some countries let people watch Oshi no Ko Episode 4 online from outside of Japan.

As of right now, you can’t watch the show on Crunchyroll. Even though the 90-minute show was available on Crunchyroll, it was Sony’s job to get the movie into theaters.

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