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Extraordinary Season 2 Release Date: Coming Sooner Than You Expected!


Extraordinary Season 2 Release Date: There are now as many superheroes shows as there are superpowers, so it’s not easy to make a name for yourself in the field. The funny story of Jen, a woman who doesn’t have any superpowers in a world full of people with them, makes Extraordinary live up to its name and then some.

Now, that doesn’t sound very funny but don’t underestimate how funny this show is. Extraordinary is the third original Disney+ show made in the UK, after Wedding Season and Save Our Squad with David Beckham. It’s also the best one so far.

After watching all eight episodes of Emma Moran’s first show, you’ll want a second season as much as Jen wants a superpower. We come in at this point.

Join us at Digital Spy, where we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the second season of Extraordinary on Disney+ in the UK and Hulu in the US.

When Might the Second Season of Extraordinary Come Out on Disney+?

Extraordinary will be back for a second season. This was announced at the premiere event for the show on January 24. Because it was one of the first Disney+ UK shows to be made, there were almost probably always plans to make more episodes.

Now that a second season has been officially confirmed, we can probably expect to see new episodes of Extraordinary early in 2024, or maybe even by the end of this year, since production is already begun.

Who Will Be in the Cast of Extraordinary Season 2?

When Extraordinary comes back for a second season, the following actors and actresses will be in new episodes.

This list includes Máiréad Tyers as Jen, Sofia Oxenham as Carrie, Bilal Hasna as Kash, Luke, Rollason as Jizzlord, Siobhán McSweeney as Mary, Safia Oakley-Green as Andy, and Robbie Gee as Ian.

Extraordinary Season 2 Release Date

If the last moments of season one are any indication, we’ll probably see a lot more of Jizzlord’s lost family as well.

What Will Happen in Season 2 of Extraordinary?

Kash has been pretty much the worst boyfriend ever, and even Carrie is fed up with him. But it’s hard to break up with him because Kash keeps going back in time after each split to figure out what went wrong. He also had a great party.

Meanwhile, Jen thinks Jizzlord is getting too attached, so she tries to slow down their new relationship. When Jen talks to Carrie about Kash, Jizzlord overhears and runs off into the night like the stray cat he is.

Before that, Jen had a talk with her mother, who was a little envious of Jen’s connection with her dead father… We promise it makes sense if you’ve seen the show.

As the party goes on, it gets harder and harder for Kash to keep the breakup from happening. He’s been awake for 28 hours straight and keeps turning back time. Not even drinks that are banned in the EU because they are made with industrial lubricants can help him now.

He runs out of strength in the end, and Carrie is the one to kill him. Kash hearing the breakup over and over while he tries to stop it is the hardest part of this, but this is the best thing for them both going forward.

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Is There Any Trailer for Season 2 of Extraordinary?

There isn’t a trailer for season 2 of Extraordinary yet, but we’ll post it here as soon as it comes out. You can watch the first season’s preview in the meantime:

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