Pokémon Horizons Episode 4 Release Date Find All You Need To Know Here!


Fans of Pokemon Horizons the Series are excited about the announcement of a new episode. The World of Pokemon is never-ending and it is always said that there are more Pokemon than stars in the sky. Ash Ketchum who is fans' favorite is retiring from the show and fans are eager to find out what Liko and Pikachu have in store.

Pokemon Horizons is the same plot as the old but Pokemon Horizons is engaged with jokes and would certainly keep you glued. This article would cover everything you need to know about the new episode of Pokemon Horizons as well as the release date and spoilers.

Pokemon Horizons The Series Episode 4 Release Date?

Pokemon Horizons has been set to be released on Friday, April 28, 2023. The new series is a spring 2023 Action, Adventure, Jiand comedy parked series produced by OLM Studio and TV Tokyo. The total number of episodes that are going to be aired is still not known but from previous releases and series, it would be well over 500 episodes.

Pokemon Horizons The series is released weekly and fans of the manga can tune in to catch new episodes every Friday.

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Pokemon Horizons The Series Episode 3 Recap

Pokémon Horizons Episode 4 Release Date

In Pokemon Horizons The Series episode 3 fans got to see a small childhood remembrance of Liko. Liko had a bizarre stranger giving him advice, however, Liko woke up almost immediately because of her remorse for not saving Nyahoja and Pokemon Horizons.

Pokemon Horizons episode 3 was based on the adventures to rescue Nyahoja from the Explorers that were a threat to them. The episode also featured Lino becoming friends with the bounty hunters and it was revealed that the bounty hunters were hired by Liko's mother to protect Liko.

Pokémon Horizons Episode 4 Release Date

However, Liko decides to go to a Pokemon training center to get an order, and after an unexpected turn of events, Liko found the kidnapper that Kidnapped Nyanhoja. Liko was not aware the kidnapper was luring them into a trap. Liko and Adhert followed the kidnapper and eveneventuacame across the kidnapper's hideout.

The duo decided to confront the kidnapper and Liko used his pendant as a bargaining chip. Adhert also stated that the winner also take Nyahoja home and then the kidnapper agreed to their terms.

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Pokemon Horizon The Series Episode 4

Pokémon Horizons Episode 4 Release Date

Pokemon Horizon Episode 4 will be the first time Liko and Roy would be meeting. Roy has not played any significant role since the first episode and he was briefly at the end of episode 3. Roy would be properly introduced in episode 4 where he would discover a weird-looking Poke Ball at the beach along with a pirate flag that was lost in a storm.

The next episode preview showed the airship landing on a small island near Kanto where Roy was living. Roy would rescue Liko from a rampaging horde of Bug-type Pokemon and he would then be part of the team and would see him traveling with them.

Where To Watch Pokemon Horizons The Series Episode 4?

Pokémon Horizons Episode 4 Release Date

Pokemon Horizons The Series and previous episodes are currently only streaming in Japan and there are no available streaming platforms at the moment. However, there are rumors that OLM studio and Netflix are collaborating to make Pokemon Horizons The Series a Netflix exclusive.


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