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Murim Login Chapter 152 Release Date: Find Out When the New Chapter Publish!


Murim Login Chapter 152 Release Date: Action Manhwa, Murim Login will be back soon with chapter 152, and fans can’t wait to see how Hongdao and Tae Kyung interact in that chapter. Boolsung and Gyan Yin were in a fierce fight.

Tae Kyung was pretty shocked when he saw that, so he asked Jeok Cheon if they were using Shaolin martial arts. Jeok Cheon told him that it was the Luohan fist for them, so Tae Kyung asked why there was no pity for Buddha or anything else.

Jeok Cheon Boolsung said that not killing them was already being kind, so Tae Kyung thought it would be better to just kill them. He was asked if his name was Tae Kyung by one of the ghosts.

Jeok Cheon answered for him and told him he had the wrong person. He met Kin Tae Kyung through Jeok Cheon. Tae Kyung told him that he was just kidding, and he hoped that Boolsung wouldn’t take that the wrong way.

Boolsung was pretty mad at him, but he didn’t show it on his face. Instead, he smiled and said hello. Tae Kyung was surprised by how quickly a person’s face could change, so he asked him how he knew about him.

Boolsung told him that he had orders to take the boss of the rising star back to the place where they were. In this article, we will discuss Murim Login Chapter 152 Release Date. Scroll down and read the full article.

Murim Login Chapter 152 Quick Info!

Name Murim Login
Author Zerobic
Chapter 152
Release Date May 5, 2023
Where to Read Kakao Page

Murim Login Chapter 152 Release Date!

The release date for Murim Login Chapter 152 is Friday, May 5, 2023, at 8:00 pm KST. South Koreans will be able to read Murim Login Chapter 152 on the Kakao Page.

Since Murim Login hasn’t come out in English yet, Chapter 152 can’t be found on any reading site. If you enjoy this romance and action manhwa, you may also enjoy Black Clover.

Have you read Murim Login Chapter 151? Take a glimpse of a recap of Murim Login chapter 151 here:

The fire king, Jeok Cheon Gang, was already known to Boolsung. Jeong Cheon was very pleased and asked him if his master had told him the same thing.

Then he asked him to take them both to Hongdao. Tae Kyung asked his master about Hongdao. Jeok Cheon told them that he was the Abbot of Shaolin, and in Murim, they talked about King Dharma.

Murim Login Chapter 152 Release Date

Jeok Cheon said that he had heard, while they were moving during the day, that Hongdao was an introvert by nature but couldn’t control himself when he was angry; it wasn’t an intermittent explosive disorder.

People thought of a top martial artist with periodic explosive disorder as a time bomb. Everyone thought he could get tagged at any time or place, so they thought he was very risky.

Tae Kyung chose to stay away from him because he felt like his Buddhist rosary was choking him. Jeong Cheon thought that Hongdao’s student had no name, so he thought he was an old man.

The monk told him that was his name because his master had called him that. Jeok Cheon told him that he didn’t think the monk was his official student and asked him if he was sad about that.

The monk told him that he thought it was God’s will and that he wasn’t upset at all. Jeok Cheon thought it was strange that Hongdao picked him as a disciple. The monk took it as a compliment, but Jeok Cheon told him it wasn’t a compliment.

At the time of writing this article, spoilers are not out yet. But whenever it will out we will update this page. Stay tuned with Crossover99 for more updates.

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