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Who Is Left On American Idol 2023? Meet The Top 10 Finalist Of Season 21!


Missing a week of American Idol means missing a whole lot of fun. However, we have got you covered by providing all the information you will need to know about the current season of American Idol as well as the updated list of remaining contestants.

American Idol Season 21

who is left on american idol

American Idol season 21 started with an amazing 26 singers who moved from Hollywood Round and Showstopper Round. The next Sunday six more singers including American favorite Elijah McCormick were evicted by fans. This was then followed by eight more contestants and was left with the top 12 which were further streamed down until the finale was scheduled to hold on May 21.

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Who Are The American Idol Judges And Hosts?

who is left on american idol

Luke Bryan, Katt Perry, and Lionel Richie all made a return as judges to the American Idol in 2023. Ryan Seacrest also made a return as host of the show. Some professional singers and coaches are on the ground to give out advice to the contestants. All the contestants also came from North America with Amory, Miss once again well represented very well.

Two singers Zachariah Smith and Colin Stough who are part of the top 10 contestants are from a small town in Mississippi town. Long-time fans of American Idol can also recall Trent Harmon who was the season 15 winner of American Idol is also from Amory.

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Who Is Left On The American Idol?

Tyson Venegas 

Venegas started the show by bringing Bruno Mars’s energy to the arena. Nerves have also gotten the better of Venges in the previous round but he stood confident on the stage which also earned him extra points.

Warren Peay 

Peay has always been authentic and has not disappointed his fans so far. He also knows what works for him reminding us once again with a ferocious take on The Animals House of the Rising Sun. The song also fits Peay’s vocals and fans were thrilled.

Haven Madison 

Haven Madison held a bold performance and it sounded really good which surprised many fans on the night. Her presentation was an electrifying performance that fans never knew she had in her.

Oliver Steele 

Oliver took Lambert’s advice and added a new flavor to his performance of Ray Charles’s song Georgia on My Mind. He made the safe choice of picking a familiar song but, comfortable is not necessarily where he would want to be at this stage of the competition.

• Collin Stough 

Collin Stough set up his personal best with a high Dancing on My Own. The season’s best head of hair returned with a more brand song Midnight Rider which he sounded the part took the part and owned the part.

• Marybeth Byrd 

Byrd announced she would be performing a countrified take on Dancing Queen which had the potential to be this week’s stand-out moment. Her voice was also impressive towards the end of her performance. However, it was said to be too karaoke even for a karaoke competition.

• Wè Ani 

Wè Ani’s performance was enjoyed by the fans and she has always been delivering. She performed Something’s Got a Hold on Me by Etta James.

• Megan Danielle 

Megan Danielle has always come across as an old soul but that soul completely overtook her this week and she blessed us with a chilling performance of Bonnie Raitt’s Angel From Montgomery.

Zachariah Smith 

Lambert was taken aback by Smith recognizing the fun and tempo he always to the show. Smith also has a tremendous voice which was on display as he performed Electric Light Orchestra’s Don’t Bring Me Down.

• Iam Tongi 

Tongi performed without a guitar for the first time and he put his signature spin on Sam Cookie’s Bring it Home to Me. Tongi did not use his guitar but that did not stop him from having a wonderful performance.

These are the top 10 finalists of American Idol 2023 and they would be performing for the grand prize.

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