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The Ultimate Guide to Love You As You Wish Chapter 62 Release Date, Spoilers, and Recap!


Here is everything about Love You As You Wish Chapter 62 Release Date. In the famous webtoon Love You As You Wish, a high school girl and a handsome but cold-hearted CEO fall in love. The sweet and funny story and beautiful art style of the webtoon have been drawing people in.

Fans were left with a cliffhanger at the end of chapter 61 because the main couple had a mistake that could hurt their relationship. When will the next part be out, and what will happen to them?

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the release date, spoilers, and recap for Love You As You Wish Chapter 62. Scroll down and read the full article to get all information.

Love You As You Wish Chapter 62 Quick Info!

Title Love You As You Wish
Author Kanae Hazuki
Chapter 62
Release Date May 12, 2023
Where to Read VyvyManga

When And Where to Read Love You As You Wish Chapter 62?

The publication date for Love You As You Wish Chapter 62 is set for May 13, 2023. On the official Kuaikan Manhua website, you may read Love You As You Wish Chapter 62, in addition to all of the other chapters in the series.

The unfortunate situation is that there are currently no official English translations available for it, so fans will need to be patient while they wait for it. You can also read it on VyvyManga. If you like this manhwa, you might also like One Piece, which is about Action and history

In the chapter before this one, chapter 61, Fan Jing is thinking too much. He hasn’t seen either Yue Yu Xiao or his older sister. He has a bad feeling about both of them, even though they have nothing to do with each other. He walks in on his older sister and Yue Yu Xiao talking.

Fan Jing gets caught listening in on their talk, which is surprising to him. Yue Yu Xiao jokes to Fan Jing that when she is tired, she sits there and hides.

Love You As You Wish Chapter 62 Release Date

Fan Jing gets up to leave and tells Yue Yu Xiao that she’s been drinking and will leave first. Just as his older sister walks by him, he sees the mark on her neck and wonders why she is not wearing her scarf.

Yue Yu Xiao tells Fan Jing that he knows Fan Jing doesn’t like to stay at parties and doesn’t enjoy them, so he offers to take Fan Jing home.

Yue Yu Xiao even tells him he booked a hotel room so it will be easy to stay there because it is similar to the hotel Fan Jing stayed at, which Yue Yu Xiao found out by secretly following Fan Jing.

Fan Jing takes a seat while Yue Yu Xiao makes him some honey water. The way Yue Yu Xiao acts seems fake to Fan Jing. Fan Jing asked Yue Yu Xiao what his older sister said to him.

He told her that they had been talking about their next plan and that Ling Hu was coming in two days, so she was worried. Then he gives him the tea and tells him to drink it quickly while it’s still hot. Fan Jing walks away without drinking a drop, and Yue Yu Xiao tries to stop him.

In the next chapter, chapter 62, we can expect Fan Jing to talk a little bit more and answer the question Yue Yu Xiao asked him. This will give us an idea of why Fan Jing might be afraid of Yue Yu Xiao or refuse to work with her.

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