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One Punch Man Chapter 185 Release Date: Everything You Need to Know Before Reading!


One Punch Man Chapter 185 Release Date is confirmed. One made the manga series One-Punch Man, which is about a Japanese character. It tells the story of Saitama, a fighter who can beat anyone with a single punch but gets bored because he never has anything to do.

One person wrote the first version of the manga comics in early 2009. In June 2012, Shueisha’s Tonari no Young Jump website started putting out a new version of the manga that was drawn by Yusuke Murata. Its parts are sometimes put together and put out as separate tankon volumes.

27 books have been published as of May 2023. Viz Media has allowed the remake manga to be released in English in North America, and it is being released in parts in its digital magazine Weekly Shonen Jump.

In this article, we will talk about the One Punch Man Chapter 185 Release Date, a Recap of the previous Chapter, and much more. Scroll down and read the whole story if you want to know everything.

One Punch Man Chapter 185 Quick Info!

Title One Punch Man
Author Tomohiro
Chapter 185
Release Date May 11, 2023
Where to Read VIZ

When And Where to Read One Punch Man Chapter 185?

On or around May 11, 2023, you can read One Punch Man Chapter 185. This list shows when One Punch manga is coming out in different parts of the world. On Young Jump, you can find One Punch Man Chapter 185.

You can find the English version on VIZ if you were looking for it. The translated version is not up to date with the originals, so you will have to wait a little longer for the latest parts to come out.

One Punch Man Chapter 184 Recap!

Tatsumaki and Saitama’s fight came to an end. Saitama is the clear winner, though. Tatsumaki is not the kind of person who gives up quickly. She tried to send him into space, but she could only get a few feet off the ground.

She couldn’t handle the stress, and she began to bleed from her head. She fell asleep because she was so tired. Saitama was able to wake her up, though. Tatsumaki told him that she would do another surprise test like the one she did now once she was better. Saitama was very angry and told her some harsh words.

Fubuki showed up again and wanted to fight Tatsumaki, but she changed her mind about her minions. The Psychic Sisters are doing fine now. Fubuki and Mr. McCoy worked together to cover up the events. She put pieces of dead monsters all over the battlefield.

Then, they said that a group of Demon-level monsters struck the headquarters of the Hero Association, and Tatsumaki fought them off all by himself. Since the cams had already been turned off, there was no way to disprove what she said. Because of this, Tatsumaki’s scores went up a lot. She even got a job in an ad to find new heroes.

The ad was a big hit right away. Tatsumaki, on the other hand, was not happy. AI was used to change the footage so that she looked “cute.” Also, there seems to be a new player in the game.

They have been quietly looking for heroes to join a new Hero Association that they plan to start. Right now, we don’t know much else, but it looks like they have already gathered a large group of heroes from the younger generation.

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One Punch Man Chapter 185 Spoilers!

Most likely, the new Hero Association will be shown in One Punch Man Chapter 185. We don’t know how many heroes they got at the moment.

We already know that they’ve hired Vigilante Group Hunters and Super Sumo. We also know that they talked to a few S-Rank heroes in secret. Who are they, and why do people put so much faith in them?

Since Genos was also asked, we might find out more about how this new group works. Since Saitama didn’t get one, at least Genos isn’t going to join, as far as we know.

After all, Saitama is his boss. Unless Saitama asks him to help them, of course. From what I can tell, this could be a great chance for him. In general, for all heroes.


Fans can’t wait for the One Punch Man Chapter 185 Release Date because they want to see the exciting fight between Saitama and Blast. Every episode of the manga has had great action and funny moments, and the next one is likely to be the same. We hope you had fun reading this blog post and learned something from it. If so, please tell your friends and other fans of One Punch Man.

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