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Expanding the Force: Exciting News – Star Wars: Visions Vol. 3 Enters Development!


A new report says that the animated series Star Wars: Visions will be back for a third volume, which is already in the works.

Jeff Sneider, a film critic, says that Lucasfilm and Disney are already working on a third book of the popular anthology series. Visions Vol. 2 just came out on Disney+ to great reviews, but the companies haven’t said anything about whether or not more episodes of the anthology series have been approved.

Sneider didn’t say anything else about the planned third book. Star Wars: Visions is made up of non-canon stories set in a world far, far away. It has two volumes so far.

Season 1 was made up of only work from anime companies, but Season 2 included work from studios in South Africa, India, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and South Korea, among others.

Each episode focuses on a different character and story, such as a fallen Sith apprentice on the run from the Dark Side or a wannabe pilot joining a podrace with a parent who makes them look bad.

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Visions’ Lack of Canon Content

Expanding the Force: Exciting News - Star Wars: Visions Vol. 3 Enters Development!

Fans thought that Star Wars: Visions would be canon in the current timeline, but Lucasfilm has said that even though the stories may be based on official lore, they are not part of the core universe.

“On some level, everything that happens in Star Wars affects everyone else who works on the show,” said James Waugh, one of the show’s senior producers.

Jacqui Lopez, who is also credited as an executive producer on Visions, said that the show’s short length was on purpose because it gets people coming back for more. “I would turn all of these figures into a series! Lopez said, “I want to know what happens next in every single one.”

Even though Visions takes place outside of the canon, audiences still get to see some famous faces. In Volume 1, Boba Fett, a scary bounty hunter who is now the crime boss of Tatooine, was featured. In the most recent collection, ace Rebel Alliance pilot Wedge Antilles is featured.

The studio behind Wedge’s return, Aardman Entertainment, said they were excited to have Denis Lawson play the role he made popular in the Original Trilogy. Director Magdalena Osinska said, “Wedge has done some pretty amazing things in Star Wars, but he wasn’t maybe as well known for it.”

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“I think he has more lines in our movie than in the first three Star Wars movies put together!” We wanted to put him in the spotlight because he deserved it.”

Now, you can watch Star Wars: Visions Vol. 2 on Disney+.

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