My Hero Academia Chapter 388 Release Date? Find Out Everything You Need To Know Here!


My Hero Academia Chapter 388 is set to be released soon following the release of the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine which implies that the release date for the chapter is just some days ahead.

This article covers everything you need to know about the upcoming series as well release date and where to watch.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 Release Date?

my hero academia chapter 388 release date

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 is set to be released after a week's break because of the Golden Week Holidays that are held across Japan. The upcoming chapter is set released in the coming weekly review of Shonen Jump on 14 Sunday Up til May 2023 on Viz and MangaPlus.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 387 Recap

my hero academia chapter 388 release date

My Hero Academia's previous chapter saw Geten and Compress having conservation inside a prison cell. Geten also revealed that the Himura family's blood is thick and they were prestigious in the past but their honor vanished with time.

The Himura family also married relatives who were distant and in the process, they also went extinct. Geten was also a Himura who was raised by Redestro. He explained that the passing of quirk got complex and sometimes even the user had no idea of his powers before Geten asked Compress about his story.

Dabi and Endeavour were about 800m from Gunga. Endeavour was however tired from their excessive fighting and his mind was not in the proper state. Dabi then raised her voice to alert him and he saw Kid Toya saying Look What I can do now before he got punched and asked Dabi to take out the flame pillars but Dabi has also lost his mind.

my hero academia chapter 388 release date

Dabi was not thinking or listening to anyone and Endeavor on the other hand was thinking of how Dabi was able to withstand such heat and came to conclude that he crossed his limit. At the same time ice where coming out of Dabi's chest as a result of Rei's quirk.

Endeavour then had a rethink of what has transpired and concluded that they were his fault. He did not have the capacity to look after Toya and this resulted in severe conseconseque he has to face. He also thought to himself that he won't allow his son to die alone and hold Dabi and started to fly up. Then Rei showed up beside them and used her ice on Dabi.

My Hero Academia Chapter 388 Spoiler Alert

my hero academia chapter 388 release date

Spoilers are usually released 3 or 4 before the official release date of the anime series or manga. The spoilers of My Hero Academia are expected to be released on 10 May 2023.

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Where To Read My Hero Academia Chapter 388?

my hero academia chapter 388 release date

My Hero Academia fans can read the manga for free through two official sites. Fans can read the manga on Viz Media's official website or Shueisha Japan's official Manga Plus website. The site provides the latest chapters of anime series and manga as soon as they are made available to read or watch.

Fans can also read previous chapters of My Hero Academia or any of their favorite anime manga or series.


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