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Will There Be Rough Diamonds Season 2?


Will There Be Rough Diamonds Season 2? On April 21, 2023, Netflix released the captivating Belgian series Rough Diamonds, which delves into the complex diamond trade. Although the show is still fairly new to streaming, it already has a sizable fan base that is eagerly anticipating a potential second season.

The eight-episode drama was co-created by director Rotem Shamir and writer Yuval Yefet. It centers on the largest family involved in the diamond trade in Belgium and the events that transpire after the youngest son’s sad death.

Following his brother’s suicide, Noah, the main character of the show, who had previously left his Hasidic community and moved to London, returns to Antwerp.

After a shady deal goes wrong, he learns that his family, whom he had thought to be prosperous, is actually in danger of disintegrating. Noah decides to take matters into his own hands and ends up getting quite involved in the murky diamond industry.

Many viewers are left wondering whether there will be another season of the show on Netflix after watching the thrilling new addition. So let’s read on to learn the most recent information and whether a Rough Diamonds season 2 is most likely in the works.

Will There Be Rough Diamonds Season 2?

Rough Diamonds’ future has not yet been decided by Netflix as of the time of writing.

Nevertheless, based on the season we saw, which already seemed to have more episodes than the story to fill them, it’s difficult to imagine the streamer forking over money for a second one.

Furthermore, the Rough Diamonds finale is, at least thematically, fairly conclusive. There are still unresolved story points, so it can’t be said to have a joyful ending, but it appears to have been done on purpose to evoke an intriguing air of ambiguity.

This small open-mindedness serves the plot better, and there is little creative need to continue it. In spite of its more distinctive traits, there’s a fair risk that Rough Diamonds will find it difficult to stand out in a crowded field.

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This, along with its fairly sagging middle, implies that a sizable majority of viewers are unlikely to see it through to the conclusion, a metric that Netflix pays particular attention to.

Rough Diamonds Season 2

Rough Diamonds has received generally mixed reviews from critics, some of whom have noted that the series fell short of its potential in spite of its appeal among many viewers. It has 7.2/10 ratings on IMDb.

The likelihood of a second season so remains speculative, as does the decision of the show’s creators to continue refining the idea.

It’s crucial to remember that a second season may not actually be in the works, even though fans of the show can still hold out hope for more episodes of this compelling and thrilling series.

Only time will tell what the future holds for this Belgian thriller; the choice to extend Rough Diamonds for a second season ultimately rests with the show’s creators and Netflix. You can watch Rough Diamonds on Netflix.

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