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Are YouTube Star’s Natalie And Todd Still Dating? The Heart Of The YouTube Stars!


Natalie Noel and Todd Smith are YouTube stars that social media users have been speculating if they are still together or have separated. The pair have been under fire previously as fans and netizens could not tell who was dating who.

This article contains all the juicy information about the pair as well as if they are still dating.

Who Is Natalie Noel?

are natalie and todd still dating

Natalie Noel also known as Natalie Mariduena is an assistant to David Dobrik who is a famous YouTube star as well as a personality and influencer. Natalie has over 5 million followers on Instagram and she has appeared in several David Dobrik videos.

Natalie had also been trending for some days after she was rumored to be dating David Dobrik. David Dobrik and Natalie were childhood friends and they had attended the same high school. Fans seeing their bond and often appearing together thought that the two were in a romantic relationship.

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Who Is Todd Smith?

are natalie and todd still dating

Todd Smith is a Famous American YouTube star who is known for posting hilarious videos and content. Todd Smith has about 1.2 million subscribers on his Youtube channel and has accumulated over 75 million views.

Todd has been very active on social media platforms and has about 2.4 million followers to crown for his hard work. The Californian-born comedian brings hilarious content to his followers through his posts. Todd Smith had been previously been in a relationship with famous American Carolina Kopf in 2017 before the two separated.

Are Natalie Noel And Todd Smith Still Together?

are natalie and todd still dating

Yes, Natalie and Todd are still in a romantic relationship and the couple is still going on strong despite rumors making rounds that they are no longer together. Natalie Noel David Dobrik assistant confirmed that they are dating and that they are not in any relationship troubles.

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Natalie And Todd Smith’s Relationship

are natalie and todd still dating

Natalie and Todd’s relationship started when Todd sent her a message writing about how he felt about her and would like to start a relationship with her. David Dobrik took the screenshot of the message and put it on a Billboard embarrassing him in the process.

After a short while a picture of the two started making rounds on social media platforms and fans began speculating if they were together.
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Natalie then featured in his YouTube video titled ” We have something to tell you”.
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are natalie and todd still dating

However, the video was the explanation of the text on the billboard prank. However, their dating rumors rapidly began making rounds on the Internet after the video was made after fans spotted them together.

Todd’s Instagram also confirms their relationship status as photos of them together are all over his Instagram page.

When Did Natalie And Todd Smith Start Dating?

are natalie and todd still dating

It’s still not clear when the pair started dating but reports suggest when he wrote the message to Natalie. Todd has also made a song for Natalie which was loved by fans and has confirmed their relationship.

The couple also looks cute together and has been spotted sharing pictures on their social media platforms.
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Todd and Natalie have also appeared on several occations together which proves that they are in a romantic relationship.

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