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Is John Mayer Gay? Is American Singer in Relationship with Andy Cohen?


Is John Mayer Gay? John Mayer, whose full name is John Clayton Mayer, is an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist who started out by getting fans in his hometown. After his two-man band, Lo-Fi Masters broke up, he started playing at neighborhood clubs.

He got the attention of Columbia Records, a big record company, which put out his first EP, “Inside Wants Out.” That helped him become a star.

John Mayer is known as one of the world’s best musicians of his age because he broke all the rules as an artist. He has 7 Grammy Awards and 17 million albums sold around the world to back up this claim.
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Is John Mayer Gay?

is john mayer gay

No, John Mayer is not gay. He said on a recent show called “Call Her Daddy” that he was looking for a long-term relationship, even though he was known as a womanizer and someone who went on a lot of dates.

“I want to get married, of course.” the artist said

“I haven’t really reached the “smooth sailing” part of a relationship. I think that when I get there, I’ll have a lot to do, but I’ll be happy to do it.” when asked about his past romances, the singer said

Even though he was single at the time of the conversation, he said he had never been afraid of a long-term relationship. And that he, too, wanted a long-term relationship.

Every time I was in a partnership, I was committed to the idea that it could last a long time. Even now, if you told me I could have a great two months with someone, but it would end on the first day of the third month, I would not be interested. I’ve always looked for people with whom I could have a long-term friendship“. the artist spoke about

Even though his sexuality hasn’t been said outright, it was pretty clear that the hitmaker is straight. His long list of past relationships seems to back that up.
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He even talked about how he hopes to get married one day and have a happy home life.

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How Did Rumors of John Mayer Being Gay Spread?

is john mayer gay

John Mayer started the rumors about his sexuality when he shared a photo of himself and the American radio and TV talk show host Andy Cohen looking very close. Cohen doesn’t hide the fact that he’s gay, so people start to think that they were together.

“Congratulations, @bravoandy, on getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame! You are a perfect entertainer in every way. You are also a great person and a great friend. This is a very well-deserved award!!! Love you.” John Mayer posted on Instagram.

But Mayer was quick to say that it wasn’t true. In an interview with Watch What Happens Live, the singer said that what he and Cohen have is clearly mutual and that their love for each other is nothing more than friendship.

Mayer also made it clear in another interview with CNN that he did not date Cohen. Even though he knows where all the opinions are coming from because he is close to the TV show host.

Listen, our friendship is very nice, and we’re always together. I don’t think I was shocked because we also love each other very much.
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So, it just seems like an easy assumption
.” In an interview with CNN, John Mayer said:

Andy Cohen, on the other hand, knows about all the dating stories about him and his friend and sometimes finds it funny to just go along with them. When asked the tricky job question, “What do you want in a partner?” The TV star didn’t take long to answer:

A person likes John Mayer. Just kidding. Where do I want to go? I want to be with someone who is strong, smart, and has their own life.”

Cohen said that Mayer has all the qualities that a good friend should have after making it clear that he was kidding. And that he doesn’t mind having more than one best friend as long as they are all like Mayer.

A Look at His Long List of Past Relationships

Even though the singer tried to keep his relationships private, it was hard for him to do so because he worked in a public business. There doesn’t seem to be anything that the media can’t find out about.

From what the world knows, here are John Mayer’s relationships.

Jennifer Love Hewitt (2002)

In 2002, Mayer was with the American actress Jennifer Love Hewitt. There is a story that the actress was the inspiration for the hit song “Your Body Is a Wonderland” by the singer. However, the song came out a year before they started dating, which makes the rumor a bit hard to believe.

Jessica Simpson (2006–2007)

is john mayer gay

From 2006 to 2007, he was also with American singer Jessica Simpson. Their relationship wasn’t very exciting, so there wasn’t much to talk about when they were together. But in an interview with Playboy in 2010, three years after they broke up, Mayer talked about the sexual attraction he felt for Simpson and even called  her a “sexual napalm.” Simpson said later that she got rid of his number as soon as she saw that interview.

Minka Kelly (2007)

Mayer went out with the American actress Minka Kelly for a short time. This happened soon after he and Simpson broke up.

Jennifer Aniston (2008–2009)

is john mayer gay

Jennifer Aniston, who plays Rachel in the TV show Friends, was probably John Mayer’s most famous girlfriend. From 2008 to 2009, they were on and off with each other.

Mayer said in an interview a year after they broke up that he had slept with other women during the time he was dating the actress on and off. But even after they went their different ways, they stayed friends.

Taylor Swift (2009–2010)

is john mayer gay

Mayer was in a relationship with Taylor Swift for a short time. It was said that Swift, who was known for writing songs about her ex-boyfriends, wrote “Dear John” with him in mind.

“Dear John, I see it all; now it was wrong
Don’t you think nineteen’s too young
To be played by your dark, twisted games when I loved you so?
I should’ve known.”

John Mayer told Rolling Stone in an interview that he knew Swift was talking about him in the song and that it made him feel embarrassed.

“I felt terrible about it because I didn’t deserve it.” John Mayer said this to Rolling Stone:

The singer of “Dear John” wouldn’t say anything about it. She neither said that the song was about him nor said that it wasn’t.

Katy Perry (2012–2014)

John Mayer also dated Katy Perry, who is also a singer-songwriter. This was possibly one of his longest relationships. Mayer’s hit song “Still Feel Like Your Man” came out in 2017. He said that it was about Perry.

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Kiernan Shipka (2020)

The American actress Kiernan Shipka, who is more than 20 years younger than him, was linked to the hitmaker. There was no proof that they were dating. But in November 2022, they were seen having a nice dinner together again.

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