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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 136 Release Date: What’s Next for Chapter 136 ?


Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 136 Release Date is Finally Confirmed. One of the most well-known weekly Manhwa with a military subject is Teenage Mercenary, which was written by YC and illustrated by Rak Hyun.

The number of leaks and rumors is growing as Chapter 136 approaches, making the wait even more agonizing.

This article explores the information that is currently available regarding Mercenary Enlistment Chapter 136, including story specifics, spoilers, the release date, and more.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 136 Quick Info!

Title Mercenary Enrollment
Author  YC
Chapter 136
Release Date May 13, 2023
Where to Read Navar

What is The Plotline of Mercenary Enrollment?

Yu Ijin, at eight years old, was the only survivor of a terrible jet crash in another country. He honed his arm-to-arm skills, marksmanship, and combat proficiency into those of a skilled predator in order to survive and eventually became a well-known mercenary.

But ten years later, he re-discovers his remaining family—a sweet little sister named Dayun and a kind-hearted grandfather—after running across South Korean soldiers on duty. Ijin is given a brand-new challenge when he returns to his native country: to take on the ordinary life of an average high school student.

Every encounter is fresh to Ijin, whether it be dealing with cunning bullies or making new acquaintances. Ijin will need to use his years of combat skills to defend his loved ones when his past starts to catch up with him.

When And Where to Read Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 136?

Fans of Mercenary Enrollment can’t wait for Chapter 136 to come out. Chapter 136 of “Mercenary Enlistment” will come out on May 13, 2023, at 12 a.m., Korean Standard Time.

The uncut scans will come out a few days before the teasers, and then the English version will come out. At the moment, the fans are too eager to wait any longer. If you enjoy this romance and thrill manhwa, you may also enjoy Jinx.

You can read the next story on websites like MangaRead and MangaHihi. This website loads fast and has an easy-to-read dark mode.

Please remember that the original creators or publishers of Mercenary Enrollment may not have accepted these websites, so you may have trouble with the quality, accuracy, or legality of their content. You can also read comics on Navar.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 136 Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 135 Recap: I have some great news about the Mercenary Enrollment Manhwa series to share with you. Yu Ijin, our favorite teenage mercenary, is about to go on even more exciting experiences in Chapter 136, which will be out soon, and promises to do so.

At the end of the last chapter, Ijin and Dayun go shopping for vegetables for lunch, and fans can’t wait to find out what happens in the next chapter.

As usual, Rakhyun and YC, the authors of the manhwa, have left the fans of the series guessing about what will happen in the next chapters. One thing, though, is certain: the next part, whenever it comes out, will definitely live up to the excitement and fun of the ones that came before it.

Make sure to put an asterisk next to the release date on your calendars and keep an eye out for any hints or news about where the chapter will be posted online so you can read it. Fans of Mercenary Enrollment are waiting with bated breath for the next part of the game’s gripping plot because there is so much buzz about this new release.

People in the community can be seen talking to each other and making guesses about the plot and the characters, which makes it look like they can’t wait for the next show. Members of the community love how complicated the Mercenary Enrollment world is, which helps the community stay alive and grow.

Because of the community on Reddit, people who like manga now have a place to share their thoughts and views and take part in conversations. The players are invested in the world of Mercenary Enrollment and its ongoing story, and they are looking forward to the new things that will happen in the 136th part.

Mercenary Enrollment The manga series’ impending Chapter 136 has been eagerly anticipated by readers for weeks. The chapter is anticipated to be jam-packed with thrilling plot twists and explosive action. But Spoilers haven’t yet been released. We’ll update this page as spoilers are made public by the sources. Until then, follow Crossover99.

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