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When Do We Expect Solo Max-level Newbie Chapter 99 Release Date?


Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 99 Release date is finally announced. Kang Jinhyeok has been a game presenter and content creator for a long time, and he has finished the Tower of Trials game. The fantasy comic Solo Max-Level Newbie by Maslow and drawn by Swing Bat tells Kang Jinhyeok’s story.

Because the game isn’t as famous as it used to be, Jinhyeok may have to say goodbye to his few subscribers and end his 11-year connection to it. We’ll let you know what’s going on with the next part 99 of Solo Max-Level Newbie. But fate had different plans for him. As he gets ready to leave the game, a troubling message from the Tower of Trials shows up in real life.

It says that humanity will die if every floor isn’t cleared within 90 days. Jinhyeok decides to take on the task because he finished the game in the only way he could and knows the requirements better than anyone else.

In this article, we will discuss Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 99 Release Date, recap of the previous chapter, and much more. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 99 Quick Info!

Name Solo Max Level Newbie
Author Maslow
Illustrator Swingbat
Action, Adventure, 
Chapter 98
Release Date May 11, 2023
Where to Read Naver Comics

When and Where to Read Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 99?

The next chapter of Solo: Max-Level Newbie will come out on May 11, 2023. You can read it on Tappy Toon along with the other chapters and releases. Since the site doesn’t have a way to share things at the same time, the release might be pushed back.

Solo Max-level Newbie Chapter 99 Release Date

Solo Max-Level Newbie Chapter 98 Recap!

Solo Max-Level, chap. 98 Newbie takes readers on an exciting trip into the Gray Temple, the tower’s most famous exchange office. Jinhyuk Kang is asked by a priest to change jobs, but when he goes to fight a labyrinth, he runs into an ancient Greek monster.

While in the maze, Jinhyuk must also find a partner who is better than him. Jinhyuk and Youngkwon Lee go to the Fight Against Guild’s offices to meet Gi-tae Kim and other magic users as they prepare for the second attack.

He has a clear head and can quickly figure out what’s going on, as we saw when he played a key role in the Gladiator Arena on the fifth floor. Jinhyuk worked with Lee Young-Kwon, Yeonsu Ha, and Kim Ki-tae to raid the second-largest attack group in Korea.

Since everyone’s fate is on the 51st floor of the tower, it takes Jinhyuk a while to find a job that suits him, like being a painter or a writer. In the end, he decides to take a tough and disliked job at Barrier.

He takes the black paper with the instructions for switching to a barrier company as he hears a loud noise coming from the side of the temple. There is more than just the Brawl Father Guild in the game.

Solo Max-level Newbie Chapter 99 Release Date

The plot of this chapter is full of exciting events and interesting people. The author keeps the reader interested and makes them wonder what will happen next. This book is a must-read for anyone who likes adventure, fantasy, and video games. It has parts about old Greek mythology and shows how different people work.

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Solo Newbie with Max Level The most recent part of a popular webtoon story about a gamer who wakes up in a fantasy world with his max-level character and skills is Chapter 99.

Chapter 99 of Solo Max-Level Newbie is due out on May 11, 2023, but this date could change based on the author’s schedule and other things. Jinwoo’s return to the real world and how he feels about what he’s done and what he’s been given will likely be shown in this chapter.

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