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Cardboard Boxer Ending Explained! Prepare To Be Thrilled!


Cardboard Boxer is coming to an end and it is a bittersweet affair for fans, the Cardboard Boxer has also been explained. This article reveals all to know about the famous American drama film.

Cardboard Boxer

cardboard boxer ending explained

Cardboard Boxer was directed and authored by Knate Lee.Thomas Haden Church, Terrence Howard, Boyd Holbrook David Henrie, and Rhys Wakefield are the cast members of the famous American film. The cardboard Boxer trailer is also out and can be streamed on USA Entertainment on YouTube.

The Cardboard Boxer trailer shows the intensity of the fights that Willie would partake in as well as the emotional damage it would have on him.
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The trailer also shows fans the influential themes and passionate scenes of the movie.
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Cardboard Boxer Ending Ending Explained

cardboard boxer ending explained

Willie is a homeless man who has been living on the streets of Los Angeles. Willie was also a kind man to those around him and was able to help those in need around him. But he struggles to feed and survive and often goes days hungry.
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However, one faithful day he was come upon by a group of wealthy teenagers. The group offered him money to fight other homeless men while they watch and get entertained. Willie agreed to the proposal hoping the money would be enough to help change his life.

Willie began to participate in the fights and the more he fought he got more skills and began winning more matches. Willie began feeling uneasy as the matches go on due to the cruelty and exploitation that the matches come with. Willie started to question the morality of what he is doing and started to feel guilty.

cardboard boxer ending explained

Willie gave up fighting and decides to walk away in other to start a new life with the money he made from fighting. He decided to buy a food truck which he used in feeding the poor and people he used to know.

The final scenes of The Cardboard Boxer saw Willie driving his food truck through the streets of Los Angeles and feeding people who were homeless and those he cares about. The movie shows how Willie used his skills and resource to make a positive impact on society.

Cardboard Boxer Cast And Characters

Thomas Haden Chruch as Willie

• Terrence Howard as Pope

• Boyd Holbrook as Pinky

• Rhys Wakefield as J.J

• Zach Villa as Tyler

• Macy Gray as Den Mother

• Jack Falahee as Leo

• William Standford Davis as Jazzy

• Adam Clark as Skillet

• Conrad Roberts as Methusiah

• David Henrie as Clean Cut Man

• Johanna Braddy as Clean Cut Girl

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Where To Watch Cardboard Boxer?

cardboard boxer ending explained

Cardboard Boxer is available online and can be rented or purchased on Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, iTunes, or Vudu. Cardboard Boxer can also be streamed on Pluto, Plex, or Crackle.

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