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Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 Recap: The Most Brutal and Emotional Chapter Yet!


Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 came out on May 10, 2023, after a week’s break. Fans were very excited to see what happened in the latest chapter after the break last week.
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The last Chainsaw Man chapter, which came out on May 26, 2023, finished with a thrilling scene where another chainsaw man showed up and stabbed the Fallin devil in the back. Fans were very excited about the next chapter because of this, and after two weeks, the chapter was finally released.

It picked up where the last chapter left off, and fans could read Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 and the last three chapters of the series for free on Manga Plus and Viz Media. For those who have read the chapter, this piece will talk about what happened in it.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 Recap!

The title of Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 is “Save Me, Chainsaw Man,” and it picks up where Chainsaw Man Chapter 128 left off. We see that Fallin Devil has been stabbed by the other Chainsaw Man who appeared behind her. Asa is shocked to see another Chainsaw Man and even says so.

But before they can figure out what’s going on, things that look like tentacles come up behind Asa and Denji and push them back to their original world. They also stab Denji, who falls to the ground and can’t move. You say that now is their chance to kill Chainsaw Man for good.

Yoru tells Asa to kill Denji while he is on the ground, and she will keep her word and give back her body. But Asa doesn’t move at all, which makes Yoru mad, so she starts yelling at her and explaining why Asa always does the opposite of what Yoru wants.

Chainsaw Man Chapter 129 Recap

Asa picks up a rock from the ground and hurts her hand enough to start bleeding. She then starts to pour the blood into Chainsaw Man’s mouth. Yoru is getting madder, and the fact that Asa doesn’t have to save her enemy just makes her madder.

Asa says, though, that tonight is going to be the second time that the Chainsaw Man will save her. When he helped her with Yoku, that was the first time. Asa also says that if someone like Chainsaw Man, who she thinks is trash, is allowed to live, then it is okay for her to live as well.
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As soon as Asa is done giving Denji her blood, the tentacles come out of the door and go to attack her, but Chainsaw Man wakes up right at that moment and saves her. Denji grabs Asa and starts running as fast as he can away from the tentacles. But the tentacles are long and move very quickly.

Soon, a lot of tentacles appear, and Denji says that if this keeps up, he might not be able to save Asa because he is also getting tired from losing so much blood. Asa sees a woman riding a motorbike when they come to a roadside. She tells Denji to steal the motorcycle from the woman.
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