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Mortal Kombat 2 is Coming Sooner Than You Expected!


Mortal Kombat 2: Fans of the Mortal Kombat video game franchise can’t wait for the sequel to 2021’s relaunch of the series.

Critics and moviegoers alike praised the first film for its impressive aesthetics and thrilling action sequences, which were true to the violent and gory fighting contest.

The film hinted at new individuals and potential problems for the protagonists to encounter, setting up a fascinating continuation of the plot. Learn about the cast, plot, and more of Mortal Kombat 2 right here.

Will There Be Mortal Kombat 2?

After the success of the original film, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema announced in January 2022 that they would be making a sequel to Mortal Kombat.

After the reboot made over $83 million worldwide and became one of the most streamed titles on HBO Max, production on the sequel was given the go-ahead.

Critics and fans alike lauded the film for its diverse and compelling ensemble, its R-rated violence and gore, and its realistic portrayal of the video game’s narrative.

Mortal Kombat 2 Release Date!

There is currently no set date for the release of Mortal Kombat 2, as of May 2023. Production has not yet begun, and filming is scheduled to occur in Australia between June and September of this year, so we may have a while to wait.

Mortal Kombat 2

Predictions for the release date of Mortal Kombat 2 can be made based on the timeline of the previous film, which required around four months to film and another year to finish post-production and visual effects.

Who Will Be in The Cast of Mortal Kombat 2?

Main characters such as Cole Young (Lewis Tan), Sonya Blade (Jessica McNamee), Jax (Mehcad Brooks), Liu Kang (Ludi Lin), Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim), Scorpion (Hiroyuki Sanada), and Shang Tsung (Chin Han) will likely return for Mortal Kombat 2.

Characters like Josh Lawson’s Kano, Max Huang’s Kung Lao, and Sisi Stringer’s Mileena may not return, though, because they were all killed in the previous film.

Other characters, most notably Johnny Cage, will make their debuts in the sequel. At the end of the first film, we got a glimpse of the fan-favorite figure when Cole Young went to Hollywood to try and sign him up for the second tournament.

There has been no official announcement regarding who would play Johnny Cage, although reports have circulated that Karl Urban (The Boys) is in talks for the role2. Kitana, Noob Saibot (the revived form of Bi-Han), Sindel, Nightwolf, and Shao Kahn are just some of the other characters who could make an appearance in Mortal Kombat 2.

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What Happens in Mortal Kombat First Movie?

Cole Young, a washed-up MMA fighter who learns he is a descendant of Hanzo Hasashi, a legendary ninja assassinated by Bi-Han (Sub-Zero), a cryomancer assassin from Outworld, was the protagonist of the first Mortal Kombat film.

Cole discovered that the dragon tattoo on his arm designated him as a champion of Earthrealm, endowing him with the ability to use Arcana. In preparation for Mortal Kombat, the tournament that would decide Earthrealm’s fate versus Outworld, he banded together with other champions like Sonya Blade, Jax, Liu Kang, and Kung Lao.

However, Shang Tsung, the sorcerer king of Outworld, dispatched his forces to eliminate Earthrealm’s champions before the tournament ever began. Throughout Earthrealm, Cole and his companions faced up against formidable foes including Sub-Zero, Mileena, Goro, and Reiko.

Mortal Kombat 2

In the process of confronting and then vanquishing Sub-Zero, Cole unleashed his Arcana by accepting his lineage as Hanzo’s descendant. Cole and his allies were able to hold off Shang Tsung’s assault and save Earthrealm for the time being.

However, Shang Tsung threatened that “death is only another portal” and pledged to return with more formidable combatants from Outworld. They needed more champions for the next tournament, so Raiden ordered Cole and his pals to Hollywood to get Johnny Cage.

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What Could Be The Storyline of Mortal Kombat 2?

Mortal Kombat 2 will probably pick up where the first movie left off. At the end of the first movie, Shang Tsung promised to come back with stronger fighters from Outworld, and Raiden sent Cole Young and his friends to Hollywood to find Johnny Cage and recruit him.

Some characters who weren’t in the first movie will be in the second one. Johnny Cage, who was teased at the end of the first movie and is a fan favorite, will be one of those characters. Kitana, Noob Saibot (the revived form of Bi-Han), Sindel, Nightwolf, and Shao Kahn are some of the other characters who might show up in Mortal Kombat 2.

The story and mythology of Mortal Kombat will also be explored more in the sequel. This includes the background of the tournament, Outworld and Earthrealm, and the dragon tattoos and Arcana powers. The sequel could also include more well-known places from the video games, like the Netherrealm, Edenia, and the Chaosrealm.

Is There Any Trailer for the Mortal Kombat 2?

As of May 2023, there was no formal trailer for Mortal Kombat 2 yet. Since they haven’t started shooting yet and are planning to do so in Australia from June to September of this year1, it could be a while before we see any footage from the sequel.

But over the next few months, we should see some teasers and behind-the-scenes pictures from the set of the production. A full trailer might not come out until early 2024, which is about three months before the movie comes out in theaters.

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