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The Housemaid Book Ending Explained! Read All You Need To know Here!


The House Maid is a mystery novel written by Freida McFadden in 2022. The story is about a woman with name Millie Caloway who had a criminal past and was eventually employed by a very rich woman Nina Winchester who had mental issues.

McFadden is the author of many best-selling books and novels. In The House Maid McFadden explores themes of discipline and power as well as abuse. This article gives the thrilling ending to The House Maid series.

The House Maid Plot Summary

At the beginning of the novel an unnamed maid was said to be worried about being arrested after a dead body was found where she was working. The story continues as Millie Calloway interviews for a housemaid job in Nina Winchester’s house.

Despite Millie Calloway having a criminal record in the past she got employed and packed into the mansion. She was given room to stay in the garret that locks from the outside and has a window that never opens. She then requests a key and eventually got a key along with a phone.

The landscaper Enzo came into the picture and cautioned her about the implications and dangers however she was reluctant. She then meets Nina’s husband Andrew and her daughter Cecilia. The mansion was very dirty and Millie spent hours cleaning the mansion before she made dinner for the family.

Andrew loved the food she made and invited her to join them but declined and Nina was not pleased. At nightfall, Millie wanted to use the bathroom but she discovers that her door knob got stuck. However, she tried and opened the door but she was feeling uneasy.

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Nina turned cold on Millie and started giving her old clothes that did not match her as well as yelling at her at every slight mistake. She would also create a mess and blame it on her and shout at Millie to clean them up. Cecilia was also a spoilt child and was very stubborn.

Millie later found out about Nina’s mental health from other mothers and nannies. She also discovers that Nina had spent some time in a psychiatric home when she tried to kill her daughter Cecilia when she was still a baby.

At that time Nina and Andrew were trying to give birth to a child but a fertility expert explains that Nina could not have a child. Millie then overheard the couple quarreling at night as Nina told Andrew that only a younger woman could make him happy.

Andrew tried to cheer Nina up by booking a show for her but she gave the wrong dates and could not attend. Andrew pacifies Nina to attend and when she did Andrew went on a date with Millie they had a great time together and booked a hotel where they had sex but vowed it would not happen again.

However, Millie discovers that Nina had an idea of what happened. Nina made Millie’s life hell and accused her of stealing the clothes she had given to her, but Andrew came to her rescue and confessed that he had feelings for Millie. Andrew then orders Nina to leave the house.

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What Happened After Nina Left?

After Nina left the house, Andrew and Millie slept together, and he revealed that he would like to give them a shot. Early the next morning Enzo was fired by Andrew as he claimed that he hangs around the house too often. Millie was shopping for groceries when she runs into Nina’s friend.

The friend told Millie that Nina had placed a tracking device on her phone which left Millie stunned. While at home the same day she received an anonymous call that threatens her to stay away from Andrew. Millie assumed it was from Nina and did not disclose it to Andrew.

Millie packed her bags and moved to the main house and she slept together with Andrew but when she walked up in the night to use the bathroom she discovers that the door was locked and three heavy books were in the room and her phone was nowhere to be found.

A flashback then occurred from Nina’s perspective from the past. Nina had dropped out of school after a one-night stand at a night club which got her pregnant. She then began working to feed herself and Andrew was the CEO of the company she was working for.

Andrew asked her out and they both married however she later find out that he had sadistic tendencies and would torture her for a slight mistake. He also drugged her and her infant he would place Cecilia in a bathtub and make it look like Nina did it which got Nina into a psychiatric hospital. He also made sure no one would believe her.

Nina tried to escape and divulges this to Enzo who promised to help her because his sister had died because of abuse from her husband. Enzo then hires Millie to replace her through a private detective. He learns that Millie was in prison because she killed a boy in high school when he tried forcing himself on her.

Nina then hires Millie to kill Andrew but she did not inform Enzo. Nina deliberately framed Millie and made Andrew fall for her and Millie’s good looks were also an added advantage. She also set up an opportunity for Andrew and Millie to sleep together. Andrew then returned to Millie who was still locked up.

Andrew then ask’s Millie to balance the heavy books on her stomach for three hours as punishment for not replacing some books she had read. He also made her repeat the exercise after she failed by just a minute. Andrew left the room and before he returned Millie pepper-sprayed him with a bottle Nina had left for her.

She then collected his phone and locked him up as well as torturing him. All those while Enzo was watching the house and noticed that Millie did not leave the house for days. He contacted Nina and insisted that they would go and help her.

Nina assumed that Millie was locked upstairs but when she opened the door they saw Andrews’s decomposing body. Millie then appeared crying because she did not want to go back to jail and admitted to locking Andrew up for six days.

Nina knew that she tricked Millie into killing Andrew so she asked her to leave. The detective who was in charge of the case then ruled that Andrew’s death was an accident and closed the case. At Andrew’s wake, Andrew’s mother disclosed to Nina that she disciplined Andrew in such a manner as a child and praised her for stepping up and disciplining him.

Nina and her daughter moved to California while Millie was living off what Nina sends to her after the death of Andrew. After a year later Millie was contacted for another job interview in another house where she discovers the husband abuses the wife. Millie assures her that she would help her.

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