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Shonda Rhime’s Incredible Weight Loss Journey How Are Fans Reacting?


Shonda Rhimes is a famous American television songwriter, author, and producer. She is also known as the showrunner and creator of the popular American television series Grey’s Anatomy. She was also the executive producer of the ABC television series Off the Map.

Shonda Rhimes has shared her incredible weight loss transformation online and fans are left jaw opened about her new weight and size. This article covers her inspiring journey as well as everything to know about the famous star.

Shonda Rhimes Early Life And Education

shonda rhimes weight loss

Shonda Rhimes was born in Chicago, Illinois and she is the youngest of six children. She lived in the Park Forest South University Park Illinois with her two elder brothers and three sisters. While growing up it was stated that she loved storytelling and while she was young she volunteered to be a hospital volunteer.

Shonda Rhimes attended the Marian Catholic High School and she bagged her major in English and Film Studies from Dartmouth College and earned her degree in 1991. While in college she joined the Black Underground Theater Association where she was directing and performing in student productions and writing.

shonda rhimes weight loss

She had also worked for the college newspaper and after graduating she relocated to San Francisco with an elder sister. She began advertising at McCann Ericksonbefore she moved to Los Angeles to attend the University of Southern California.

She ranked first in her class which earned her the Gary Rosenberg Writing Fellowship. She proceeds to obtain a Master Of Fine Arts degree from the USC School of Cinematic Arts. While at school she was also employed as an intern by Debra Martin Chase as well as at Denzel Washington’s company Mundy Lane Entertainment.

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Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss

shonda rhimes weight loss

Shonda Rhimes revealed that the only thing worst than losing a lot of weight is getting the wrong kind of attention after losing it. Shonda in a newsletter sent to Shondaland subscribers disclosed that it was when she lost weight that people began to value her. She had lost about 150 pounds.

She stated that she was shocked at how people reacted and are still reacting to her weight loss. Shonda had earlier dropped the news of her weight loss two years ago but is still making headlines and wave today.

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Why Did Shonda Rhimes Loss Weight?

Shonda Rhimes discloses that she did not lose weight because she thought she would be more beautiful in movies, however, she loses weight because she could not walk up a short flight upstairs without stopping to take a break and clean up a sweat from her brow.

She also revealed that she did not like her body physically rebelling against her brain which she has been ignoring for a long. She also disclosed that she doesn’t like talking about weight loss and she hated every second she lost weight as well as every second she uses in maintaining her weight too.

Shonda Rhimes also wrote that what she hated most was how her relationship with people changed and how they were reacting toward her. She revealed that things got wired for her as women whom she did not know were all gushing over her.

shonda rhimes weight loss

She revealed that men also began to take notice of her as well as having a long conversation with them. The newfound attention was not only the thing she complained about how people would breezily comment on her appearance calling her hot or saying how proud they are of her.

Despite Shonda Rhime’s woes she has proven a vital point that body weights are associated with values and being thin doesn’t change anything about an individual or change the individual personality.

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