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Director of Sword Art Online Worked on a Film That SAO Fans Will Adore!


Sword Art Online is a legendary anime with an enormous fanbase. The first two seasons of Sword Art Online were directed by Tomohiko Ito, who contributed to the show’s success. Outside of Sword Art Online, Ito directed a film that Sword Art fans will adore.

Hello World is a 2019 film penned by Mado Nozaki and produced by Graphinica, the studio responsible for Record of Ragnarok and Tokyo Mew Mew New. Not only did the film enjoy a great deal of success in its native Japan, but also abroad, particularly in China and Hong Kong.

Director of Sword Art Online Worked on a Film That Sao Fans Will Adore.

In 2027 Kyoto, Naomi Katagaki, a high school student, is the protagonist of Hello World. As a result of the Chronicle Kyoto project, the city is enduring a massive transformation. This initiative employs a fleet of drones to scan the entire city in real time, and all the data they collect is fed to a massive computer known as the Alltale.

This technology is of no use to Naomi, as he is timid and socially awkward, preferring to read books to interact with others. Naomi’s life is turned upside down, however, when a three-legged crow steals his book and he encounters a mysterious man.

This man informs Naomi that he is a version of Naomi from ten years in the future, and that the young Naomi is not the real Naomi, but rather a version existing within the Alltale’s memory.

The older incarnation of Naomi imparts a mission to the younger version. He requires his younger self to undo the events that led to his classmate Ruri Ichigyo falling into a coma, so that history will be rewritten. However, Naomi quickly discovers that altering the past is not simple.

Ito uses many of the same visual methods in both Sword Art Online and Hello World. This is one of the most obvious connections between the two projects. Ito uses color and light very well to create a mood and show how he feels.

Sword Art Online

For example, both the dark dungeons of SAO and the high-contrast virtual environments of Hello World are there to help the audience feel the worry the characters feel when they go into a place they know is dangerous and unnatural.

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Ito frames action scenes in both projects in a way that helps show the chaos and confusion of battle. This makes these scenes memorable and makes your heart beat faster.

Additionally, there are several direct parallels between the two narratives. The Alltale is comparable to the Sword Art Online game world and the SAO “Alicization” arc’s Underworld.

Not only is the universe inside Alltale a virtual world that is nearly indistinguishable from reality, but it is also populated by intelligent beings who believe it to be real. Furthermore, external forces attempt to manipulate this illusory reality for their own benefit, distorting its personalities and events.

While it is possible to draw parallels between the two, Hello World takes the concept in a distinct, mind-bending direction, making it a sort of companion piece to Sword Art Online while still feeling very original.

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