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The Wait is Over! Nano Machine Chapter 154 Release Date is Finally Announced!


Nano Machine Chapter 154 Release Date: As the Nano Machine story goes on, it gets more and more interesting. In the most recent part, 153, we saw how evil Yeo Woon is, and just looking at him made me feel scared. He’s not being easy on the imposter, but we’ve seen him kill all of his brothers and fight against his own father to get where he is.

We still don’t know what was so important about the book that the Wudang people risk their lives to protect it. In the next scene, Yeo Woon will torture the fake to death while trying to get important information for him. The Manhwa is once again getting serious, and the art style is getting better. Before I tell you when chapter 154 will be out, let’s take a quick look at chapter 153 of Nano Machine.

Nano Machine Chapter 154 Quick Info!

Title Nano Machine
Author Cheon Yeo Woon
Chapter 154
Release Date May 18, 2023
Where to Read Webtoons

When and Where to Read Nano Machine Chapter 154?

The next chapter of Nano Machine is set to be released on Thursday, May 18th, 2023 at 7:00 AM (Korea Standard Time). The chapters are generally released once every week.

Nano Machine Chapter 154 Release Date

On Naver Webtoon and in Naver Series. the raw version of Nano Machine Chapter 154 will be available for you to read. You can also read Nano Machine in the English translation on Webtoon. However, the English translation only includes 107 of the book’s chapters.

Nano Machine Chapter 153 Recap: What Happen Previously?

In Nano Machine Chapter 153, After Yeo Woon attacks Duck, blood and a cut get on the book they were trying to protect. Martial gets away quickly because he wants to go back to Wudang and bring their full force with him. Yeo Woon is too tired to move after beating Wudang’s boss because he has used up all of his internal QI. He tells Yeo Mu Hwa to follow where his sword goes when he throws it.

Yeo Mu Hwa ran as fast as she could in that way. He saw Duck lying dead on the ground, and he also saw Duck’s tracks close by. They need to catch the Wudang people quickly. If they don’t, things could get dangerous when they go back to their base.

In the second half of the chapter, Hu Bong is seen piling up the dead bodies of people. They were told to burn all the bodies to make it look like the Wundang group and the people in masks had fought.

In the next scene, Granny Gam looks around the house for something. While she was looking, Yeo Woon came and asked him if he had any herbs that could help her. Yeo Woon tells him what he needs to make the dish. Granny Gam was surprised to see it and told him there weren’t many. Yeon gives her a scary smile when he looks at her.

Nano Machine Chapter 154 Release Date

Granny Gam was held prisoner at the house of the divine doctor. The person there wasn’t Granny Gam, but a fake who wore a mask and looked quite young. The pretender was tied to the chair, and his blood points were marked so he couldn’t use his internal QI. Yeo Woon sat next to him and hit him with his hand.

The fake asks him how a simple warrior in a cult of demons knew how to use the blade method. Ye Woon laughed and told him that he was not just a fighter of the demonic cult, but also the owner of the heavenly demon sword and the patriarch of the demon cult.

Yeo Woon sets the fake on fire by giving him an electric shock in the stomach. The faker pleads with Yeo Woon to kill him. Yeon Woon hits the face of the fake. After being hit by the blow, the imposter could no longer feel Qi inside of him because his Qi had been taken away. At the end of the chapter, Yeo Woon tries to splash hot water on the face of the fake.


The Nano Machine story is getting more and more interesting, with Yeo Woon becoming more evil and the Wudang people risking their lives to protect the book. The next chapter is set to be released on May 18th, 2023 at 7:00 AM (Korea Standard Time). The raw version of the chapter is available on Naver Webtoon and in Naver Series but only includes 107 of the book’s chapters.

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