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What Happened To Montana Fouts? Find Everything You Need To Know Here!


Montana Founts is a famous American softball pitcher. She gained recognition as an All-American player for the Alabam Crimson Tide. Fans have been wondering what happened to Montana Founts while playing this article covers all you need to know about Montana Founts as well as what happened to her.

Who Is Montana Founts?

what happened to montana fouts

Montana Founts is an American softball pitcher and she was first recognized while playing for Alabama Crimson Tide. She was praised for her performance against UCLA in the 2021 Women’s College World Series. Montana attended East Carter High School where she archived several successes including winning Kentucky Miss Softball and the Kentucky State Gatorade Player of the Year in Softball for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017, and 2018 respectively.

Montana Founts also holds the record in Kentucky High School Softball which boasted her career. She also holds the record for the highest number of consecutive perfect games in 9 games and had no-hitters in 14 games.

Throughout her successful career, she achieved 111 wins with 1,483 strikeouts and pitched 25 no-hitters with a perfect game of 15.

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What Happened To Montana Fouts?

what happened to montana fouts

Montana Fouts left their last game in the seventh inning because of a left leg or ankle injury. Before her injury, she had thrown an impressive total of 108 pitches in the game including nine strikeouts, three walks, three wild pitches, and give hits allowed as reported by SEC Sports.

After the Alabama victory over the defending SEC tournament champions coach Patrick Murphy spoke in an interview with Holly Rowe where he mentioned that Montana Fouts would be pitching in the semifinals or the finals of the finals.

what happened to montana fouts

The coach however did not provide more information on the injury but he revealed that she lost her footing while she was landing on her follow-through. Montana Fouts has been a vital player for Alabama with impressive stats in the innings.

Montana Fouts currently leads the Division 1 pitchers with an impressive 302 strikeouts before the game against Arkansas and an ERA of 1.46. She has an accumulated record of 23 wins and 9 losses with three no-hitters and ten Shutouts.

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Did Montana FoutsTeam Win After Her Injury?

what happened to montana fouts

Montana Fouts had left the game in the seventh inning and despite her absence, Bailey Dowling’scrucial double in the ninth inning saw that the team from Alabama Crimson Tide won the game. The team had earlier struggled to bring runners home going for 1-for-14 with runners in scoring position against Arkansas.

Bailey Dowling had previously struck out in three of her four at-bats which had a crucial effect on the game after a conversation with coach Patrick Murphy before stepping up to the plate. Dowling revealed that the couch words inspired her and yield a positive result.

Alabama,’s 3-2 victory eliminated the host Arkansas and ensured the Crimson Tide to the semi-finals of the SEC Tournament.

How Long Would Montana Fouts Be Sidelined?

It is currently unknown how long Montana Fouts would be out for the rest of the season. She awkwardly landed after striking out a razorback batter in the sixth inning before Coach Patrick Murphy decided to pull her out of the game.

She was then replaced by Alex Salter. Despite the injury setback Alabama won the game and they would play in the semifinals of the SEC Tournament. They would face the eventual winner between Florida and Tennessee.

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