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Where to Read Loveless Heroine Chapter 57? Know the Release Date Here!


Loveless Heroine Chapter 57: The webtoon series Loveless Heroine is based on the Thai folklore epic “Khun Chang Khun Phaen.” The plot centers around Pennueng, a girl who reincarnates as Wanthong, the epic’s female lead who was executed for being unable to choose between two harsh suitors.

Pennueng makes the decision to reject both men and pursue her own happiness in this new life. She will, however, confront numerous hurdles and hazards along the road. YC created the webtoon, which was illustrated by Rak Hyun.

Loveless Heroine fans are looking forward to the next chapter, which will continue the Psychic Sisters Arc. Everything you need to know about Loveless Heroine chapter 57, including its release date, spoilers, and where to read it online, is right here.

Loveless Heroine Chapter 57 Quick Info!

Title Loveless Heroine
Author MU
Chapter 57
Release Date May 18, 2023
Where to Read Webtoon

When And Where to Read Loveless Heroine Chapter 57?

On Friday, May 18, 2023, it is anticipated that Loveless Heroine Chapter 57 will be made available to read online.

Loveless Heroine Chapter 57

Webtoon is the only website where the Loveless Heroine manga chapter 57 can be read online, and it is available in its original Thai language format. The series have an official translation available in the English language on KunManga.

Recap of Loveless Heroine Chapter 56!

In Loveless Heroine Chapter 56, After Pleo offers to take her with him, the old lady from the village declines. Pleo requests that the lady refrains from planting rice this year, instead paying the money as a tribute rather than investing it in rice cultivation.

He also tells her not to sell their rice to anyone who offers a high price and to keep enough rice for themselves. They depart from the village in a swarm of boats. As many rice shipments pass through this area, there are several cargo boats in the river near Suphan Buri.

During the ride, however, the current becomes strong, and Prong begins to feel unwell, causing everyone to worry that she is seasick. Prong also gets a temperature, which is extremely dangerous when traveling. They advise turning the boat around so she can be inspected by a doctor.

Mae Wantong is anxious when Prong advises going to another boat to avoid infecting others with her sickness. Everyone, however, persuades Mae Wantong that it is the greatest option. She urges Pleo to take her to another boat and look after Wantong because they are far from home and he has the best sense of all of them. Pleo grants her request.

The rowing aggravates Prong’s illness, pushing them to look for a nearby dock. Pleo directs the search for doctors who can treat Prong as quickly as feasible. They identify a decent docking location and dispatch servants to look for doctors in the region.

Loveless Heroine Chapter 57

They discover that there used to be a doctor near the temple, but the temple is now desolate owing to a cholera outbreak that has killed everyone. Many people are afraid to visit the temple and look for a doctor since it appears to be haunted.

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Loveless Heroine Chapter 57 Spoilers!

Prong’s fever is getting worse, and he needs to get help right away before it gets worse. A doctor used to work at the temple, which is now empty because of the cholera spread and the deaths it caused. Near the empty temple, it will probably be hard to find a doctor who can help Prong. Will they be able to find it? We won’t know for sure until the next report.


The Thai folktale epic “Khun Chang Khun Phaen” is the inspiration for the webcomic “Loveless Heroine.” Pennueng, who comes back to life as Wanthong, decides to turn down both guys and find her own happiness.

On May 18, 2023, Loveless Heroine Chapter 57 is likely to be put online for people to read. During the trip, Prong starts to feel sick and gets a fever, which is dangerous when you’re on the road. The old woman turns down Pleo’s offer to take her with him.

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