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Lea Michele Steps Away from Broadway’s ‘Funny Girl’ for A Week Due to Unfortunate COVID Diagnosis!


After testing positive for COVID, Lea Michele will miss a week of Funny Girl shows.

The official Instagram account for the Broadway show posted Tuesday afternoon that the 36-year-old actor “will be out of the show this week and will return on Tuesday, May 23.”

Julie Benko will play Fanny Brice every day that Michele isn’t there, except for the show on Friday, May 19, when Ephie Aardema will do it.

Beanie Feldstein played Funny Girl when it first opened in April 2022. In September, Michele took over the role, replacing Feldstein.

In late September, Michele missed a few shows because she was diagnosed with COVID.

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She told him at the time, “Unfortunately, I’ve been properly diagnosed with COVID. Due to the rules of production, I can’t go back to the show for 10 days. Many people in our company could have been hurt if they hadn’t stayed home today and watched this early.

Lea Michele Steps Away from Broadway's 'Funny Girl' for A Week Due to Unfortunate COVID Diagnosis!

“Funny Girl has been and is still dealing with a huge wave of COVID, with close to a dozen members of the company out,” the former Glee star said at the time. “We’re almost done with this, and our swings and understudies are doing an amazing job keeping our show going.”

“This week has been amazing, and I can’t wait to come back. You should get ready.” “See you soon,” added Michele.

The star also took time off from the Broadway show earlier this year when her 2-year-old son Ever was hospitalized with a “scary health issue” in March.

Michele told PEOPLE in April that her son is now “doing well” and healthy, but that “we still have a bit of a long road ahead of us.”

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The actor will keep working on Funny Girl until she leaves the show on September 3. Michele recently told Variety that she will be doing something else on Broadway after that, but she didn’t say what it would be: She said, “I already know what it is,” and then added, “You know it. It has a very different sound.”

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