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Is Anthony Keyvan Gay? Playing Gay Character in “XO Kitty” Sparks Speculations!


Is Anthony Keyvan gay? The internet is going crazy over this question. But what is the sexuality of Anthony Keyvan, who played Victor in Love, Victor, and Quincy (Q) in XO Kitty? Read the article below to find out more.

Anthony Keyvan is a young actor with a lot of ability who is making a lot of noise in the entertainment business. He is best known for his part in the Hulu show Love, Victor as Rahim, a confident and funny LGBTQ+ student.

Anthony Keyvan has had recurring parts on networks like HBO, ABC, Netflix, TNT, CBS, Nickelodeon, and Hulu, among others. He is also in the teen relationship movie XO Kitty right now.

Is Anthony Keyvan Gay?

is anthony keyvan gay

Well, there isn’t a clear answer to Anthony Keyvan being gay in real life too. He hasn’t said anything about his sexuality in public.

He hasn’t been tied to any romantic partners, and he hasn’t talked about who he’s dated or how many times. He seems to keep his personal life quiet and put most of his attention on his work.

He has also said that he doesn’t like labels for himself or others and that everyone should be able to love whoever they want. Anthony Keyvan has played gay, queer, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+) characters, like Rahim in the Hulu show “Love, Victor.”

But he has been clear about how he feels about LGBTQ+ rights. But until Anthony Keyvan decides to share more about his personal life with the world, we can only respect his privacy and admire his work as an actor.

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Anthony Keyvan’s Portrayal of Gay Character in ‘XO Kitty’

is anthony keyvan gay

In XO Kitty, Fellow American Q quickly becomes Kitty’s best friend and ally. He is one of the few openly gay people at the school. And, Keyvan told Tudum, “The writers decided to make him half Iranian and half Filipino, just like me!”

He said, “This was the first time I’d ever played a character that was 100% me, and that’s not something a lot of people like me get to do.” “It was a real breath of fresh air.

It was the best chance I’ve ever had to do something like that and reflect on myself and other people who look like me, such as Filipinos, half-Filipinos, half-Iranians, half-Middle Easterners, and half-Asians. It just isn’t something we see a lot of in the news.”

The senior TV actor has been on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and NCIS, but he is best known for his role as high schooler Rahim on Love, Victor.

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Who Is Anthony Keyvan Dating?

is anthony keyvan gay

Antony Keyvan seems to be single as of May 2023. He is known to keep his romantic ties very private. He has said that he would rather people focus on his work as an actor than on his personal life.

Anthony Keyvan’s relationship state is not known, so it is not clear if he is dating someone secretly but according to Who’s Dated Who he is most probably single. He might have a girlfriend, but he has decided to keep his personal life quiet.

Fans can only guess and make assumptions about Anthony’s romantic partner and connection if he doesn’t talk about them in public.

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