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Is John Mulaney Gay? Why Is the Sexuality of An American Actor a Topic of Debate?


John Mulaney was born on August 26, 1982. Since he was a child, the comedian, and actor had funny traits and a great sense of humor. His family never thought he would become one of the best stand-up comedians in the U.S.

His fame reached its highest point when he wrote comedy sketches for Saturday Night Live. As a stand-up comic, he also worked on The Top Part, Kid Gorgeous, and The Comeback Kid.

Since he was a child, the comedian would act and talk like a girl. People thought he is gay because he walks funny, talks funny, and acts funny.

Is John Mulaney really gay? Or are these reports just not true? So, let’s dive right into the article to find out what’s really going on with the comedian’s sexuality.

Is John Mulaney Gay?

is john mulaney gay

No, John Mulaney is not gay. If you’ve been watching Mulaney’s comedy shows for a long time and didn’t try to find out about his sexuality, you probably also thought he was gay. Mulaney’s sexuality is easy to get wrong because he does some things that women do.

Because of this, the actor and comic had to deal with bullies. Some people didn’t like him and fake news sites said he was gay. John was quiet for a long time, but in 2020, he finally fought back against the gay bullies who had been picking on him.

At first, he made jokes about being gay but not being gay.

In the show “Netflix is a Joke,” he said, “I have a girlfriend now, which is weird because I’m probably gay based on how I act and behave, and I’ve been walking and talking for 28 years.”

“When I was a little boy, I was definitely gay. A lot of little boys are gay, and you can tell because they act very strange and have strong views. [Source]

John said in a mocking way that just because someone is silly doesn’t mean they are gay. He also said he has a girlfriend, which is enough to prove him straight.

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Who Is John Mulaney Dating?

is john mulaney gay

John Mulaney is currently dating Olivia Munn according to Mulaney said that he met Munn in 2013 at the wedding of Meyers and his wife, Alexi Ashe. In September 2021, the comic said that he and Munn were going to have a baby.

He said on Late Night With Seth Meyers, “I did a lot this year.” “In September, I went to rehab. When I got out in October, I moved out of my ex-wife’s house.

Then, in the spring, I went to Los Angeles, where I met a wonderful woman named Olivia and started dating her. We’re also going to have a baby together. I was scared about telling the news! Olivia and this baby have saved me from myself in this early part of my way back to recovery.

On November 24, 2021, Munn gave birth to their son, Malcolm Hip Mulaney. After the holidays, on January 10, 2021, Munn posted a picture to Instagram of Mulaney holding and kissing their new baby.

The new mom captioned the picture, which you can see below, “The smooshiest smoosh.” Munn also wrote a note for fans who noticed the family’s Christmas decorations in the background of the photo: “And yes, our Christmas tree is still up.”

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, Munn talked about the reports about their relationship. She said, “I’m used to people making assumptions that aren’t true and rumors spreading in a certain way.

”She went on, “They think they know a lot about how we are together.

When they really don’t. No one could possibly know what his relationships were like or what our relationship is.”

In his 2021 Saturday Night Live monologue, Mulaney talked about his kid, girlfriend, and life in general. “Life is a whole lot better and happier now,” he said. “I have a son who is 12 weeks old. Even though he can’t vote, he’s a pretty cool guy. I want to eat him because his legs look like little calzones.

“We were in the maternity ward. My girlfriend just gave birth to him, and he’s crying a little, so they bring him over to this warmer on the other side of the delivery room. They put him on the warmer under this big bright light, and the light is just shining in his eyes.

He just stares up at the light, which makes him mad. But he didn’t say anything. I said to myself, “That’s my son!” A nice man in a bad situation, but he’s not going to make a big deal out of it.”

is john mulaney gay

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Before dating Olivia Munn, the comedian was married to Annamarie Tendler. On July 5, 2014, Mulaney married multimedia artist Annamarie Tendler. And her friend Dan Levy performed their wedding ceremony in Boiceville, New York.

In May 2021, Mulaney and Tendler’s separation was announced. And after John and Olivia’s son, Malcolm, was born in 2021. Mulaney and Tendler’s divorce was finalized in 2022.

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