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Is Zooey Zephyr Lesbian? You Won’t Believe What We Found Out!


Is Zooey Zephyr Lesbian? Zooey Zephyr is a name that has recently made headlines in the United States. She is elected to the Montana House of Representatives, representing Missoula’s 100th district.

She is a Democrat who has been an outspoken supporter for LGBT+ rights and a staunch opponent of the Republican majority’s anti-transgender proposals filed in the 2023 legislative session.

But who is Zooey Zephyr, and how is her private life? Is she bisexual, lesbian, or something else? This piece will go over her past, dating status, and sexual orientation. We’ll also talk about why these concerns are important and how they relate to her political career and activism.

Who is Zooey Zephyr?

Zooey Zephyr is an American politician and university administrator who represents Missoula in the Montana House of Representatives‘ 100th district.

Zephyr was born in the Montana town of Billings. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and Creative Writing from the University of Washington in 2011.

She was elected to the Montana state legislature as a member of the Democratic Party in the 2022 election, becoming her the state’s first openly transgender legislator. On January 2, 2023, she was sworn in as a representative.

Is Zooey Zephyr Lesbian

Zephyr, who went by the alias Cazcom, was a competitive Super Smash Bros. video game player, particularly in Project M events. She finished eighth at the Northwest Majors IV in Des Moines, Washington, in May 2014.

Is Zooey Zephyr Lesbian?

Zooey Zephyr describes herself as a progressive bisexual trans woman. This means she is attracted to persons of both genders, and she is a woman who was born male. She is also engaged to be married to Erin Reed.

Zooey Zephyr, Montana’s first trans politician, and her girlfriend (now fiancée) Erin Reed’s last two weeks have been as difficult to watch from afar as they have been inspiring.

First, on April 26th, Republican members voted on a party-line vote to censure Rep. Zephyr, thereby removing her from the floor for the duration of the legislative session.

This came after she spoke out against proposed legislation that would prohibit transgender minors from receiving gender-affirming care.

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Zooey Zephyr Engaged to Her Girlfriend!

While Republican legislatures around the country insulted transgender Americans and silenced several Democratic politicians for lack of decorum, one prominent elected official garnered only one vote yesterday. Her girlfriend voted “yes” after the legislator offered.

Zooey Zephyr, a Democrat from Montana, proposed to her partner Erin Reed, a trans rights activist and journalist, at a local queer prom on Friday night.

Zephyr has been in the news a lot lately after Republicans in the Montana House voted to restrict her physical presence in the house until the just concluded legislative session was over.

She’d informed her Republican colleagues that prohibiting transgender youth from receiving gender-affirming care would leave “blood on their hands.” Republicans in the state were successful in limiting such care.

Is Zooey Zephyr Lesbian

According to images shot at the Queer Prom event in Missoula and shared by Zephyr, Zephyr got down on one knee.

Tonight I asked Erin to marry me,” Zephyr wrote early Saturday morning. “About a year ago, I told Erin that I was looking for love that felt like home.”

“I have found that and so much more,” she continued. I’ve discovered my future, my family, and my forever.”

“At Queer Prom tonight, Zooey dropped to one knee and asked me to spend forever with her,” Reed wrote. “I said yes.”

“I can think of no better person in this world to stand side by side with,” Reed concluded. She has made me the luckiest lady on the planet.”


Zooey Zephyr is a Democrat who has been a vocal backer of LGBTQ+ rights and a strong opponent of anti-transgender proposals from the Republican majority. She is both gay and a lesbian, and she is going to marry Erin Reed.

The last two weeks have been hard and inspiring for her. Republican members voted to censure her after she spoke out against a bill that would make it illegal for transgender children to get care that fits their gender identity.

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