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Sergei Bobrovsky Weight Loss During Game 5 Against the Toronto Maple Leafs Raises Concern Among Fans!


Sergei Bobrovsky has been criticized a lot in the last few years, especially because he makes a lot of money. But we can’t blame him for the way he’s playing in the current playoff series, where he’s doing a great job.

In fact, he is one of the reasons why the Panthers have been so successful, beating the powerful Boston Bruins and Toronto Maple Leafs back-to-back. In the spring, he played 10 games and won seven of them. On average, he has given up 2.82 goals and saved 918 of them.

Even though he had done well, some people were surprised by how the goalie looked after the last game. He has lost a lot of weight, which has worried a lot of people.

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Sergei Bobrovsky Loses Around 15+ LBS Every Game!

sergei bobrovsky weight loss

Yes, you heard it right! The goalie said that his weight changes a lot after a game. This is because of how much water he drinks and how much sweat he loses during games. He said that it isn’t unusual for him to lose about 15 pounds every game.

The Russian goalie says he lost almost 20 pounds in the last game of the series against the Panthers, which went into extra time. This makes a lot of sense for why he looked so skinny in the picture taken after that game.

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Since his team won last Friday, Bobrovsky has had a few days off, which will help him get back to his normal weight. In the Eastern Association playoffs, the Panthers will play the Carolina Hurricanes.

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