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Perfect Half Chapter 161 Release Date: Get Ready for the Epic Next Chapter!


Perfect Half Chapter 161 Release Date:  The next chapter of the long-running Manhwa Perfect Half is almost ready to come out. Luv P, who writes Manhwa, gives us the exciting and emotional Perfect Half.

The story takes place in a world where men and women are always at war with each other. This story is about Hae Rang, who is the main character.

In this article, we will discuss Perfect Half Chapter 161 Release Date, a recap of the previous chapter, and much more. Scroll all the way down and read the entire article if you want to obtain all of the information.

Perfect Half Chapter 161 Quick Info!

Title Perfect Half
Author Luv P
Chapter 61
Release Date May 26, 2023
Where to Read Lezhin Comics

What is the Storyline of Perfect Half?

Before a few decades ago, men used to treat women like they were their property. Men love life, even though they get drunk and touch women. This is because women are their property, and in exchange for having children, they have to follow their masters.

Aria rose up, told her followers to kill the male master, and then disappeared. As a result, there were fights between men and women, which split the world in half.

Perfect Half Chapter 161

As the two sides fight, the side that wins may have to use physical force, and the women on both sides try to get pregnant. Depending on their gender at birth, newborn boys go to the male world and newborn girls go to the female world.

When and Where to Read Perfect Half Chapter 161?

In Perfect Half episode 161, which will come out on May 26, 2023, Hai Rang will be back in action. Don’t forget that last week’s episode was late because of certain things. If it happens again, we’ll let you know right away.

The best place to read Perfect Half Manhwa is at Lezhin Comics. If you want to read more manhwa in this style, you can try Secret Class, Jinx, And Many More on our website.

Perfect Half Chapter 160 Recap!

The name of the chapter before this one was “The Prince of Wolves.” Yoonseul found out the hard way that Hai Rang played with her best friend. She’s jealous and about to talk to him face-to-face.

Commander Hayang Yeonhee was explaining her reasons to Haerang, Mir Tina, and Heera, but I didn’t really understand it because a lot of what she said didn’t sound quite right through the machine translation.

She was saying that they can only move slowly because they want to use Haerang as bait. Yes, I see what you mean. At first, I thought it was a way to get Yoonseul out in the open.

Perfect Half Chapter 161

But now that I see it written down, I can see how it could be the bait to get Northwind and the Black Wolves to come out. But they aren’t always trying to stay out of sight.

Is it bringing Mook Bum and the Lotus Root out of hiding!? But that’s not true, because the crew of the Suri Maru just “let them go” when they saw them.


In the end, we can say that On May 26, 2023, the next part of Manhwa Perfect Half will come out. The main character, Hae Rang, lives in a world where men and women are always at war with each other. The best place to read Perfect Half Manhwa is at Lezhin Comics.

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