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Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7 Recap: How Polka Broke the Fourth Wall?


Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7 Recap: The comic series Dead Mount Death Play by Ryohgo Narita and Shinta Fujimoto tells the story of a powerful necromancer who dies and comes back to life in modern Tokyo. In episode 7, the necromancer, whose name is Polka Shinoyama, fights a mystery killer who is trying to kill him and his friends.

At the same time, a group of people who look for supernatural things, led by a woman named Misaki, break into the headquarters of the criminal organization that Polka works for. In this exciting episode, what secrets will be revealed, and what risks will Polka have to face? Find out in our review of Episode 7 of Dead Mount Death Play.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7 Recap!

Now that Polka’s niece and nephew are safe from the attempt on their lives, he sits down to tell his “father” who he really is and what’s been going on. At the police station, the famous criminal Phantom Solitaire is obsessed with the skeleton incident from earlier in the series and is determined to find out what really happened in Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7.

This week’s story starts with Polka explaining who he is and what happened to the real Polka. This scene shows how the father of the Shinoyama clan deals with the hard news about who Polka is and what happened to his real son.

This leads to a great conversation between him and Misaki since he now knows that she killed his son. The way they act and talk to each other is a great way for them to build each other up. Each episode of this show goes out of its way to show that Misaki is more than just a cute, crazy pixie killer.

Once everything has settled down and Polka has left his “family,” Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7 moves to the local jail, where Iwanome and Arase continue to question Phantom Solitaire. But things go wrong when Solitaire gets away and tells the world live that he is back and ready to start committing crimes again.

Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7 Recap

As the show follows Solitaire after he gets out of prison, we learn about his personality and why he does bad things. His reason is an interesting idea that works well with Polka’s story, but in some scenes, his personality could be toned down a bit. His often silly behavior seems a little too much for the show.

He sort of feels like he’s in another world, not Polka, who fits in with our non-magical world much better than the silly Solitaire. This overabundance of personality is emphasized by the animation, which goes for broke when Solitaire does something weird.

Even though I don’t like the character, Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7 makes good use of him to make the world bigger. As the show follows the character, it brings us to a more dangerous threat by showing us the real Fire-Breathing Bug, which was hinted at at the end of the last episode.

During the talk between the two, Bug owns the scene just by being there, even though Solitaire had the camera for a much longer time. The harshness of what Little Bug says and does cuts through Solitaire’s energy like a knife, catching the character’s cold, hard-edged nature.

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Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7 Ratings!

Users have given Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7 an average score of 8.1/10 based on 8 ratings on Imdb. The whole series has a rate of 7.2/10 based on the reviews of 147 people. Based on 10 reviews, Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7 has a score of 90%.

Based on 35 reviews, the series as a whole has a score of 86%. The ratings show that both reviewers and fans liked Dead Mount Death Play Episode 7. They liked the animation, action, and plot twists in the episode.

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