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Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 Release Date: Find Out When the New Chapter Begins!


Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 Release Date: Since the last episode of Sakamoto Days finished, fans have been wanting more. The next issue of Shuesia’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine will have Sakamoto Days Chapter 120.

The drama from the past will be at the top of the page because the story may be coming to an end. I didn’t think a show like Sakamoto, which didn’t talk much about the past, would spend more than ten episodes telling us about the past.

It almost felt like we were reading a spin-off of the manga, but it was actually a story connected to what might happen in the next chapters when Sakamoto and his friends go to Thailand to fight Uzuki and his group.

Even though I don’t want this to be the last story arc, it looks like it might be. Based on how things have changed, this arc is different from what we’ve seen before.

I really hope that’s not true and that, in the long run of this series, I’m wrong. At the moment, the series is getting close to the end of the current story, and Sakamoto will probably finish his stories in the next few chapters.

But there is definitely something wrong with Akao, which we will talk about later in this post. When we talk about talking in this post, we will also talk about the next part, which is the main point of this post.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 Quick Info!

Title Sakamoto Days
Author SUZUKI Yuuto
Chapter 120
Release Date May 29th 2023
Where to Read Viz Media

When And Where To Read Sakamoto Days Chapter 120?

Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 will be published in the 26th edition of the weekly shonen jump magazine.

This issue, which is planned to be issued on Monday, May 29th, 2023 at midnight Japanese Standard Time, will also feature the series on the magazine’s front page.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 120

Viz Media and Manga Plus will soon make the digital edition of Chapter 120 of Sakamoto Days accessible to read for free on their respective websites.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 119 Recap: What Happen in the Previous Chapter?

The last part started right after Kindaka fell down. It was proven that the head of the JAA had died, and Rion saw Uzuki drop the vial on purpose. Even though Uzuki knew that Kindaka had given his life to protect him, Rion thought that Uzuki had killed Kindaka on purpose.

At this point, Uzuki had to go on the attack so that Rion, Nagumo, or Sakamoto couldn’t catch him. Because of this, the group had to decide what to do. While Rion went after Uzuki, Sakamoto and Nagumo decided to stay behind to watch out for Konomi and Amo.

She left after taking Nagumo’s gun and leaving a pack of cigarettes with Sakamoto. She was sure of her speed. But things took a surprising turn when Sakamoto said that was the last time he had seen her.

Sakamoto and Nagumo went to the hospital where Kindaka died three days later. There was no news about Rion, and Yotsumura, who was also there, said that there was no solid proof that Uzuki was responsible for Kindaka’s death.

But the medical records said that Kindaka died because she was poisoned. Yotsumura also had doubts about Rion’s intentions because she had disappeared. Despite that, he still asked Sakamoto and Nagumo to join the Order.

After a year, Nagumo got in touch with Sakamoto to tell him that he had found Uzuki. When Sakamoto got there, he saw Rion lying on the ground, dead. Uzuki said that he had killed her.

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What to Expect in Chapter 120 of the Sakamoto Days?

In the next chapter of Sakamoto Days, chapter 120, viewers will see Uzuki and Sakamoto fight. As Sakamoto tries to get Rion back, there is sure to be a lot of exciting action. But the story could take some unexpected turns.

Sakamoto Days Chapter 120

Readers may find out why Uzuki killed Rion, even though he had always been against violence and death. Also, the chapter might show whether or not Uzuki has become a famous aSlur in the year since the last story.

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On May 29th, 2023, the publication of Sakamoto Days Chapter 120 is scheduled to take place in Shuesia’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, which is the 26th issue overall.

It will showcase the series on the front page of the magazine, and it will be available to read for free on the websites of Vis Media and Manga Plus.

This arc is unique in comparison to what we have seen in the past, and it’s possible that Sakamoto will wrap up his narrative in the following few chapters.

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